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Wondershirt - Dog Comfort Undershirt for Braces

Wondershirt - Dog Comfort Undershirt for Braces

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Add an extra layer of comfort to your dog's back support.

Don’t you wish you could hug every dog on this planet and let them know how much they are loved and appreciated? That’s why we put so much care into the WiggleLess Wondershirts – dogs can feel its warm embrace. Made of lightweight, breathable, stretchy materials that make for an easy pullover, snug fit. Wondershirts can be worn underneath a WiggleLess Dog Brace to add a layer of softness between your dog and the brace or on its own for daily comfort and relaxation. Wondershirts also help to contain loose fur from dogs that shed. WiggleLess Wondershirts are individually hand-sewn in the USA and each one comes with a “Made With Love” charm stitched to the label.

'Your dog deserves to be comfortable'

  • Use as a soft liner underneath WiggleLess Dog Back Brace
  • Wear on its own for comfort and relaxation
  • Easy pull-over stretch material for a snug fit
  • Great for dogs that shed
  • Lightweight, breathable, machine washable
  • Individually hand sewn with ‘Made With Love’ charm

      Why Wiggleless Dog Comfort Shirts Work

      Nothing is harder on a pet parent than watching their beloved dog struggle with anxiety. With the Wiggleless calming dog shirt, your furry friend receives the comfort and support they need to alleviate severe stress-induced anxiety.

      What Causes Dog Anxiety?

      Anxiety in dogs can be triggered by several different factors. Dogs are often affected most by loud noises, unknown visitors, vet appointments, car travel, vacuum cleaners, or even separation from their owners.

      What Does Canine Anxiety Look Like?

      When anxious, dogs can have a variety of responses like trembling, panting, whining, or barking. For some pets, they may become restless and pace. Some animals become aggressive and destructive.

      This anxiety is miserable for dogs and can hinder their quality of life. For some animals, they experience excessive shedding when they are extremely anxious, causing them to lose a lot of fur during a bout of anxiety. The Wiggleless calming shirt calms your pet down and deters any obsessive or destructive behaviors as well as any extreme shedding.

      How Do Calming Shirts Work?

      When worn correctly, dog calming shirts distribute pressure over the back and sides of the dog’s chest. The shirt, in a way, feels like a huge hug on the dog allowing them to feel comforted when they are anxious.

      If you love your pet and they are like a member of the family, watching them struggle with anxiety is hard. But it doesn’t have to be with the Wiggleless dog comfort shirt. Our shirts will help your dog get free from anxiety and enjoy life.

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