Dog Back Braces

Help you live pain free!

Stop the Pain Cycle

Excessive Motion in your dog's back triggers inflammation. Inflamation causes swelling.
Swelling pinches nerves. Pinched nerves cause pain. Pain Makes your dog wiggle more to get comfortable...cycle repeats
Mild support from a WiggleLess Back Brace stops this cycle so your dog can begin to heal.

Does Your Dog Walk Like A Drunken Sailor?

WiggleLess Back Braces Helped Our Friend Izzy.

How Do WiggleLess Back Braces Help Your Dog

Play More?


Back braces stabilize your dog's spine. A stable spine does not pinch the nerves and cause pain.


WiggleLess back brace design allows flexibility so your dog can still play!


Our "Cool Mesh" design will be a hit in the summer heat. Your choice of five great colors will be cool anytime!

What Sets WiggleLess Apart?

Our Unique Features


Dogs come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Our highly adjustable brace allows you to tweak the fit for the most comfort for your dog.

Made In USA

Know you are getting a high quality product. We use top end fabrics and materials to give you a durable brace for your dog's fun times.

Proper Support

Our brace was designed by a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist and a Veterinarian. They understand the finer points of supporting your dog.

Diseases That Bracing Help

Mild support from a WiggleLess Back Brace reduces this cycle so your dog can live a better life with IVDD and DM.

Does Your Dog have IVDD?

Intervertabral Disc Disease (IVDD) Symptoms: Paralysis in one or more limbs, Hunched back or neck with tense muscles, Muscle spasms over back or neck, lameness. Reduced Appetite and activity level, Loss of bladder control and/or bowel control.

Does Your Dog Have DM?

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a disorder of the spinal cord that affects dogs and is similar to (ALS) in humans known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The name refers to the degeneration of the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves and Myelopathy describes any neurological deficit of the spinal cord.

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Using a WiggleLess back brace for IVDD & DM stabilizes the core so they can maximize their energy. It also helps them be more aware of where their body is in space so they can walk straighter.