Features of the WiggleLess Back Brace
Blue dog back brace
Charcoal dog back brace
Olive dog back brace
Pink dog back brace
Red Dog Back Brace
Three dogs wearing a WiggleLess Back Brace on the Beach
Before and After of a dog with DM wearing a back brace
Dachshund dog wearing a red back brace
Circumference measurement for WiggleLess Back brace
Length measurement for WiggleLess Back Brace
WiggleLess Back Brace Sizing Chart

WiggleLess Back Brace

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    Customer Reviews

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    trisha lee
    Life saving

    I have two dogs with IVDD. Both were at a point where we had to make the decision if we needed to send them over the rainbow bridge. As a last resort, we purchased one brace for our Shitzu 6 years ago. The brace was miraculous, and she is still with us. We purchased another brace recently for our other dog, and within three hours, he was doing so much better.

    Every vet in this country should sell this product. Not once, but twice, I’ve seen first hand the miraculous difference these braces make.

    Thank you for giving me more time with my babies.

    What a wonderful story! This makes us so happy to hear that you are getting to enjoy more time with your sweet fur babies!

    Lisa Rosario
    Loving Lily's Wiggleless Back Brace

    I am so grateful to all of you for sending me Lily's back brace. Lily really loves her brace and she is able to walk better thanks to the Wiggleless back brace. Thank you Toni and Ashley for helping us! We appreciate you!Best wishes, Lisa.

    Great product

    I ordered my wiggleless back brace to help my dog who suffers from IVDD. He was having trouble standing and walking. I definitely see an improvement with the use of the brace unfortunately my dog has other issues going on and is still having a lot of trouble walking but I do feel he is better with the brace. I like how easy it is to put on and he seems comfortable when wearing it. Overall I am happy with my purchase.


    Great product! My dog has ivdd and after a flare up that just wouldn’t go away I decided to give it a try. It helped her back so much and made her feel very secure. The only issue we’ve had is with the chest strap. The material is rather rough and with continual use it rubbed some fur off causing a raw patch. We wrapped some sports tape around it and carried on our way, nothing a little added protection couldn’t fix. Pros highly out weigh the cons.

    Good product overall

    Good product to get my boy mobile again, I just wish the front part of the harness that goes over their head was a different fabric - it rubbed my boy’s chest raw after only a few days (and it’s all the way loosened on him)