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We went from Xena wearing her WiggleLess back brace almost all most of the time at the start of her recovery as it actually helped her to walk straight and keep her back legs standing to now only wearing it when we go for walks as she has improved so much. She knows when it comes out that its walk time so she is so exicted everytime she sees it I wouldn't bring her out and about without it. Great product!

Two French Bulldogs, one wearing a back brace
Xena's mom

French Bulldog

I must tell you how much we have appreciated and used your Wiggleless back brace with Oggie over the past months.As you know, after three surgeries, we are doing everything we can to keep Oggie safe from another occurrence of IVDD.  He is an extremely active little guy and demonstrates this constantly throughout the entire day. By now he stops at the top and bottom of steps waiting to be picked up, mostly sits at a chair or couch, again waiting to be picked up. Ramps are a lost cause when he’s excited, he just jump’s off without touching the ramp, probably because it’s faster and wonders why his parents have their arms in the air saying ‘no Oggie’. Anyway, you have the picture.We’ve learned over time that Oggie has a ‘tell’ when his back is in jeopardy, we immediately put him in his brace and after half to a whole day, everything is back in order. The most he’s needed it on is 3 days. Needless to say, we are so grateful we can catch it early with the brace. He’s not crazy about it but he tolerates it enough to get through the respite times. Thank you!

Oggie's Mom


“I was paralyzed in my hind legs after the accident and I needed to wear a diaper for a month or so, how embarrassing! With a lot of medicine, physio (done by my mom), love, and my NEVER GIVE UP spirit, I am walking again today… albeit a bit wobbly. With my awesome new back brace, I feel comfortable and SAFE! If I fall over, I can’t hurt myself further WHOO-HOOOO! Thank you Wiggleless, you guys rock!!”

Sebastian’s Mom


“Hotdog is 5 years old. He had inflammation in his back from bumping it on the table and then jumping up and down from the couch and made it worse. When he went to the vet he could hardly walk. Doc gave him steroids for eight days and complete crate rest. He has gained some use of his back legs, (he is very wobbly) but we use a homemade lift on him. He is still on crate rest or should I say “playpen” rest.  It is just hard to get it to fit at the end of his back due to his chest size. Once I get it on correctly he seems to like it. I will just have to do every day and it should get easier for both of us. Thanks again for allowing Mr. Hotdog to win this brace!“

Hotdog’s Mom


“This is Mila wearing her WiggleLess brace! We live in Ireland. Mila is 6 years old and has had two IVDD episodes in her lifetime. Thank you for making the WiggleLess braces. Mila also loves her WiggleLess Comfort Shirt!“

Mila’s Mom


“Max is a two time surgical boy who went down badly late last year for the 2nd time and is still not walking. He specialist surgeon loves the concept of the braces for IVDD dogs and is recommending them to owners when he feels they are appropriate. It’s taken a while for braces to be accepted here in Australia, specialists do think their surgery is enough to cure, however, they are now seeing dogs returning for second episodes, statically 30% will return."