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Keep them cool with KoolMesh breathable fabric. Exclusively on WiggleLess back braces. Let the good times roll all summer!

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Founded Out Of Love

We love our dog cuddles too, you could say we are suckers for puppy dog eyes. We wanted our dogs to be able to jump up on the couch with us in their Golden Years!

With 15+ years experience, our orthotists have designed a back brace with comfort and style in mind. We contintue to inovate!

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Alleviate Dog Pain and Anxiety

Does your dog suffer from anxiety that affects its quality of life? Do they suffer from debilitating, chronic dog pain due to old age or injury? Wiggleless products address dog pain and anxiety with an all-natural approach when you need it the most.

Why Does Wiggleless Use All-Natural Products?

At Wiggleless, we believe in providing pets with safe, effective natural pain and anxiety medications. Too often, animals are prescribed harsh medicines that can cause further stress on their systems and bodies. Wiggleless products are made with all-natural ingredients that help your pet manage their anxiety, dog back pain, chronic pain, and more.

It can be a challenge trying to soothe or heal our furry friends when they are struggling with dog pain or anxiety. When your pet is anxious, they may pace, cower, or take up obsessive behaviors like licking or biting. When in pain, your pet may be highly irritable, needy, or even lethargic. 

Help Treat Your Pet’s Pain and Anxiety with Wiggleless 

When left untreated, dog pain and anxiety can be very ruinous for your four-legged family member. We ask you to trust your animal pain and anxiety management to Wiggleless. Our products are made with your pet in mind with only the best ingredients to help improve your pet’s life. Your dog doesn’t need to struggle with chronic pain or anxiety with Wiggleless dog pain and anxiety medications.

For any questions or concerns, you can always speak to a Wiggleless employee about the remarkable products we carry that manage and alleviate pain and anxiety for your furry friends.