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Are you looking for a solution to help calm your dog or relieve their anxiety? Want to reduce your furry friend’s barking and whining? Or perhaps you’re looking for something that will help them sleep better?

Give your pet dog the best gift ever - a SnugglePuppie™ to snuggle with! This soft, cozy toy with a pulsating, beating heart inside can offer warmth and comfort to your beloved four-legged friend at all times.

It is known that dogs are instinctively pack animals and they calm down when next to another beating heart. SnugglePuppie™ has a real feel “pulsing” heart that you place inside the underbelly pocket along with a heat source, bringing this cuddly mutt to life. Plus the beating heart and heat pack create a “natural feeling”, that aligns with their natural instincts. It will help your pet relax, sleep well, and stay calm and in turn help you stay calm!

The SnugglePuppie™ Helps Your Dog Deal with Any Type of Challenging Situation

Help your dog deal with all types of situation with the award-winning SnugglePuppie™ - a cozy friend for your best friend that offers comfort, reassurance, and calm.

Whether your dog has separation anxiety or a fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, this innovative product will help relieve it. It’s also great for day-to-day use as it will help your dog enjoy better quality sleep thanks to its relaxing effect.

The SnugglePuppie™ also makes for the perfect buddy for your dog in other types of difficult situations. For instance, if your pet is new to the family or is undergoing stress or heightened excitement on account of a change in location or environment this cozy, life-like puppy can be an excellent source of distraction and relief. It can help ease your pet’s transition into a new place and even serve as a calming factor in the presence of new company.

Or if you’re struggling with crate training, it’ll be a thing of the past. All you have to do is place the SnugglePuppie™ inside the crate and your pet dog will be drawn to it!


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