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Special Needs Dogs Different is Beautiful! Guest blogger: Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf My husband, Matt, knows that I have a huge heart when it comes to animals.  What he did not know was that we were both about to fall in love with adopting special needs dogs. I discovered Penny on  She is a gorgeous Chiweenie that was born with a severe overbite and a deformed front paw causing her to the full article.


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Terrier Dog wearing back brace


PLUS: 5 Tips For Newcomers to I.V.D.D. 

Rocket Hitchcock is a 7-year-old Schnauzer/Terrier mix. His hobbies include going for investigative strolls in the neighborhood, playing long games of low-intensity chase with members of his toy collection and convincing us (his two dads) that he has not had enough bacon treats and that we should really do something to remedy the situation.  During the first few years of his life, we noticed


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“Molly” Gets Support For Her Dog Back Problems

“Molly” is a sweet Beagle Lab mix rescued from a shelter. She was born deaf and has episodes of “Snapping Fly Syndrome”. She doesn’t want any surprises so approach her with love and gentleness. Beagles are considered “chondrodystrophic” and they are prone to dog back problems. She wears her WiggleLess® to help support her back and offer a sense of calm and stress relief. WiggleLess® secures around the spinal column.


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Dog Back Pain Support

Our shelter dog, LAVERNE, is the new model for our NEW logo. She fits the bill well as she is a schnauzer/dachshund mix who is considered chondrodystrophic with a long back and shorter legs. Her WiggleLess® provides her with all the dog back support she needs on our daily hikes up in the mountains. Laverne is wiry, fiery, and sweet as can be. She is loyal and trustworthy and she


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