Dog Cone Alternative

Dog Cone Alternative

“Bella, our 14lb Dorkie (dachshund terrier mix), had a large mass removed from her side. When she was brought to us after surgery she was wearing a cone and looked pitiful. As her healing progressed, we noticed EVERY TIME we moved towards her to put on her cone she retreated, and when the cone was on she became immobile and depressed. This went on for two weeks—I was desperate to find a dog cone alternative.

Then we met Lisa Luckenbach, who suggested using the WiggleLess Back Brace or a WonderShirt in place of the cone.

Bella does not like sweaters or clothing so I assumed she would object to this as well. Immediately after placing the Wiggle Less on Bella she strutted across the floor as if she had found a new freedom. The WiggleLess had a calming effect on her. In addition, she could move around more freely which assisted in eliminating the constipation due pain medicine. The WiggleLess also minimized Bella’s ability to leap onto couches and beds, which assisted in the prevention of torn sutures. And, Bella could not lick, or bite at her sutures while she was going through the itchy stages of healing, eliminating infection which shortened her healing process.WiggleLess is a phenomenal dog cone alternative to the for any post-op procedure that is on the hind end of any dog! The vest prevents them from twisting around to interfere with healing!”                                        Lisa Castro /Venice Beach, Ca.


WiggleLess is much more comfortable that a dog cone! I’m healing beautifully now and I can move around freely!

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<p class="wp-caption-text">LaVerne says…”Use a WiggleLess instead of a cone sometimes!”</p>
<h1>DOG CONE ALTERNATIVE…reported by LaVerne</h1>
<p>It is no fun witness us dogs endure the cumbersome, awkward Elizabethan collar or “dog cone” when we are not supposed to irritate our injuries. Our vision is restricted and we bump into things causing a feeling of insecurity. It also causes frustration for our owners. Depending on the area on our bodies that requires healing, WiggleLess® may provides a much more comfortable option as a dog cone alternative.</p>
<p>My dog friend Henry had surgery to remove a lump on his tail and had over 15 stitches. He was not supposed lick, bite, chew, or irritate the surgery site while it was healing. Rather than wearing an uncomfortable dog cone he used WiggleLess® as a dog cone alternative.  He did not have to wear the vest snugly  because the intention was to restrict twisting to the back-end of his body—it was not about back support in this particular instance. For almost ten days my friend Henry wore a WiggleLess® so the medication and ointment could do their job to heal without being irritated. He was free to be comfortable and move!</p>
<p>My mom recently received a call from a customer with a German Shepherd diagnosed with “Perianal Fistual” —a serious condition around the anus—mostly diagnosed in German Shepherd’s. Her poor dog had been wearing an awful dog cone for over a year! What a saint “Hannah” has been!! Her owner was desperate to find a dog cone alternative, she’d been looking and trying everything!  She finally stumbled upon WiggleLess® website.  When she read that it helps  “curtail twisting” she purchased one for Hannah. For a perfect, comfortable fit for Hanna she had a few things altered by her seamstress (what a fantastic dog owner!)  She called to say “Hannah had her HEAD back” and seemed so grateful! She’ll be sending pictures soon but she suggested my mom get the word out to other dog owners who are looking for a dog cone alternative. It depends where the injury is on us of course. But if you want to prevent us from licking, biting, chewing or irritating our back ends…WiggleLess is the best option!</p>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="">READ ABOUT PERIANAL FISTULA IN DOGS HERE</a></p>
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<h3 style="text-align: center;">LOVE AND <span style="color: #ff0000;">RESPECT</span> ANIMALS!</h3>
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