Dog Cone Alternative


“Bella, our 14lb Dorkie (dachshund terrier mix), had a large mass removed from her side. When she was brought to us after surgery she was wearing a cone and looked pitiful. As her healing progressed, we noticed EVERY TIME we moved towards her to put on her cone she retreated, and when the cone was on she became immobile and depressed. This went on for two weeks—I was desperate to find a dog cone alternative. Then we met Lisa Luckenbach, who suggested using the WiggleLess in place of the cone. Bella does not like sweaters or clothing so I assumed she would object to this as well. Immediately after placing the Wiggle Less on Bella she strutted across the floor as if she had found a new freedom. The WiggleLess had a calming effect on her. In addition, she could move around more freely which assisted in eliminating the constipation due pain medicine. The WiggleLess also minimized Bella’s ability to leap onto couches and beds, which assisted in the prevention of torn sutures. And, Bella could not lick, or bite at her sutures while she was going through the itchy stages of healing, eliminating infection which shortened her healing process.WiggleLess is a phenomenal dog cone alternative to the for any post-op procedure that is on the hind end of any dog! The vest prevents them from twisting around to interfere with healing!”                                        Lisa Castro /Venice Beach, Ca.


WiggleLess is much more comfortable that a dog cone! I’m healing beautifully now and I can move around freely!