5 Tips to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks Seasons

5 Tips to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks Seasons

Fireworks are seemingly synonymous with the Fourth of July holiday, but they can happen any time of year.

For those pet owners who live near a theme park like Disneyland, fireworks are a nightly occurrence. And of course, there are other big celebrations including New Year’s Eve. 

Many pet owners know the stress and anxiety these loud blasts can induce in their dogs. From shivering and hiding to whining and barking, many dogs will clearly show their fear of fireworks in ways that can cause anxiety in the entire household. 

While fireworks can’t realistically be stopped by pet owners, there are some things we can do to ease the stress. 

Create a safe, relaxing space. Make sure your dog has a comfortable, secure location in your home where he can go to when the fireworks start. Close up the windows and turn on some soothing music or TV. Have some treats and a favorite toy handy. Speak in soothing tones to your dog and give him a nice head scratch or belly rub — whatever type of attention he prefers. 

Try some CBD. There are many kinds of CBD products on the market, some specifically geared for relaxation. Look for brands that avoid chemicals and pesticides. Charlotte’s Web has some Calming Chews for Dogs in chicken flavor including other calming ingredients like valerian root, passionflower and chamomile in addition to full-spectrum hemp extract. They’re recommended for any stressful situation, including travel, visits to the vet and fireworks. 

Explore targeted pulsed electromagnetic tech. Assisi  Animal Health has developed a loop device for use in pets for both pain and anxiety management. Both utilize targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) signals to induce a specific benefit. Through Calmer Canine, the signals from the loop are directed to areas of the brain causing anxiety symptoms. The loop, which is available with a vest or without, resembles a halo over the dog’s head when used. Treatment involves two 15-minute sessions daily for four to six weeks.

Get a compression shirt. Swaddling a dog can work in much the same way as swaddling a baby. It may provide a sense of calm to an anxious pet. The WiggleLess Wondershirt offers a little extra, too, because it is also a soft liner that can be worn under the WiggleLess Dog Back Brace and can also help contain loose fur for shedding dogs. For use around fireworks, make sure to get your dog used to the shirt in advance of the fireworks so it doesn’t become an additional stressor. 

Give him some Rescue Remedy. Flower essences or remedies are a type of holistic energy medicine that can be used to help alleviate emotional issues. Rescue Remedy is a combination of five flower remedies used for any stressful situation, including thunderstorms and fireworks. It can be given in water, food or even applied topically on the ears or paws.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


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