caring for a dog with ivdd

5 Tips for Caring for a Dog with IVDD

Your dogs bring a lot of fun and love into your life with their mere presence. However, as they age, their body slowly starts to give up. Many dogs are prone to health issues as they age. One common condition that hinders your dog’s mobility is IVDD or Intervertebral Disc Disease.

IVVD is a type of back pain that develops in your dog. Smaller dogs are more prone to it but there have been cases reported wherein larger dogs too suffered from it. With IVDD, the cartilage that is between the spinal vertebrae starts to wear down.

5 Tips for Caring for a Dog with IVDD

If you are caring for a dog with IVDD, then you need to be careful. The dog will be going through a lot of pain and in some cases may suffer paralysis. Below are five tips that can help you care for IVDD dogs.

Get The Right Back Support

During the recovery period, it is important that you keep your dog’s back as stable and straight as possible. By making them wear an IVDD dog brace, you can help them put less pressure on their spine. 

Some dog back braces can help provide pain relief and prevent further injuries to your dog. It can help prepare your dog for surgery too if it is needed. Regular use may even help your dog get back to having an enjoyable and normal life with no signs of IVDD.

Healthy Diet

Make sure that you maintain your dog’s healthy weight. If they are overweight then the stress on their backbone and neck can cause them more harm. Feed them moist and wet food and abstain from any hard food or chewy treats during the recovery period. 

Keep Them Comfortable

Try to eliminate any activity that can cause stress on your dog’s neck or back. You can keep the food and water bowls in a raised position so your dog doesn’t have to bend to eat and drink. Keep a pillow under their neck so they don't have to raise their head to look around. 

Handle With Care

When caring for a dog with IVDD, try to pick them up and put them down as gently as possible. Check with your vet to understand how to pick them up so as not to cause any further injury. Provide them with as much support as possible to keep their chest and hind straight.

A Loving Environment

Your dog will need your support more than ever when it is suffering from IVDD. Give it a lot of love and comfort. Be encouraging towards their recovery period and also give them a peaceful environment to rest and heal.

Stress makes it harder for everyone to heal, be them human or animal. Dogs also tend to get stressed easily. Make it a point to gently touch them and pat them. This will help your dog feel more connected to you and less stressed. 

Take these steps and prepare for the comforts of your dog as it battles with IVDD. Help your dog get relief today!

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