FAQs from a Vet's perspective in words you can understand.  When you are trying to help your dog, you want to know the how and what.

Brace Questions

Whether you have an overweight dog that needs extra support, an elderly dog with an aching back, a dog diagnosed with IVDD or other related back problems, an overly active dog  — WiggleLess® vet-recommended and patented back brace is designed to stabilize the spinal column, curtail twisting, relieve stress, and provide comfortable, firm, back support for dogs.

WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace is made of durable, lightweight, breathable, materials. Just as dogs come in different shapes and sizes, they all have different personalities. We suggest you introduce your dog GRADUALLY to WiggleLess®. Have PATIENCE and PRAISE your dog, especially if your dog has never worn a garment before. Calmly place  WiggleLess® on your dog, perhaps offering a treat before, during or after wear. Whether your dog is wearing a WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace for protection or prevention, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure a COMFORTABLE  fit at all times.

We suggest you introduce your dog gradually to WiggleLess. Some dogs may require an adjustment period but it won’t take long to know how well your dog is responding to the firm support. Once your dog is comfortable wearing the brace it can be worn for longer periods. Generally you can use it during times of activity and remove it when your dog is resting, your dog will enjoy a the break. It is not necessary to have your dog wear it at nighttime while sleeping unless your veterinarian recommends it. What is most important is your dog’s comfort while wearing the brace. It should be snug but not too tight in all positions. There should be no movements obstructed. Your dog’s comfort is everything!

No movements should be obstructed when your dog wear's a WiggleLess brace. A dog can walk, run, jump, sit, nap, and be a dog. However, many WiggleLess customers report their dogs respond to the firm support by not jumping (we don’t really know what goes on in their little minds, do we?) Whether your dog jumps or not, is determined by their response to the brace.

If your dog has sensitive skin we suggest your dog wears a comfortable, breathable layer of cotton between the brace and the skin. We offer the WiggleLess Comfort Shirt as an option.

They could. In hot climates and summer temperatures it is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure your dog stays comfortable when wearing a WiggleLess. A dog should never be left exposed outside in the hot sun.  Always provide plenty of shade, and cool, fresh water. Never, ever leave your dog in a hot car!

WiggleLess® is designed to offer comfortable back support and stability but will not “cure” any neurological issues or paralysis. The GOOD news is that a dog may continue to live a healthy, vital life with the use of a cart with wheels. We highly recommend eddieswheels.com for their high quality craftsmanship and longstanding reputation. Some customers have used a WiggleLess Brace while using a cart for added support.

Yes, WiggleLess comes with a 'D' ring for attaching your leash. WiggleLess also offers the Sporn Non-Pull Harness designed to curb moderate to heavy leash pullers, it can be worn over the WiggleLess Dog Back Brace. 

WiggleLess doesn't help so much with hip issues, however, we carry, Gingerlead, a soft, padded belly sling with a leash & handle designed to help dogs recovering from knee, hip or back injuries, dogs with debilitating conditions and dogs who have weak hind legs when walking. It’s ideal for disabled dogs needing some assistance with their balance and/or mobility, as well as dogs suffering from arthritis. 

“Chondrodystrophy” is a disorder of cartilage formation. “Cartilage” is a specialized, tough, grisly type of connective tissue that essentially provides a model for bone development and growth.

Chondrodystrophic breeds of dogs are predisposed to skeletal deformities related to dwarfism. In most cases (but not always) they have long spines, short, thick legs, bowed legs and deviated paws.  Chondrodystrophic breeds include, but are not limited to: Dachshund, Beagle, Shih Tzu, Bulldog, Pug, Bassett Hound, Toy and Miniature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, Pekingese, American Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Corgi and Scottish Terrier. 

Yes! WiggleLess® has added benefits:


Depending on the area of the body that requires healing, WiggleLess®  Dog Back Brace may be worn as a dog cone alternative. Our Doxie, Henry, wore his Wiggleless® as a dog cone alternative after a lump was surgically removed from his tail resulting in over 15 stitches. He was sent home from the vet with medication and instructions “not to irritate the surgery site”. Wearing his WiggleLess®  as a dog cone alternative prevented him from licking, scratching, and/or biting his tail and allowed the medication to work beautifully. He was much more comfortable wearing his WiggleLess® than wearing an awkward, uncomfortable, cone around his neck!


WiggleLess® may also be worn as a barrier to skin irritations, infections or hot spots on the back of your dog and/or around the torso. If your vet has prescribed medications for the skin, a WiggleLess® may provide additional support in the process of healing. WiggleLess offers Vital Pet Sciences—Palmlamide to assist with internal support and skin allergies and irritations.


WiggleLess® may also be worn to assist with reducing stress, much like swaddling a baby—offering a feeling of confidence and security. In Chinese Medicine, the Urinary Bladder line on the back is one of the most powerful meridians. It is the longest meridian and the Back Shu or transporting points are located on the back of either side of the spine. These points go directly to each of the organs, and directly impact the emotions.

WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace is made of durable, lightweight, breathable materials. Clean your brace with a clean damp sponge or cloth and dry flat (machine washing not recommended). If needed, use vacuum wand and tweezers to suck up loose hairs and debris from velcro.

No, but WiggleLess® braces are very adjustible, designed to fit many breeds and builds of dogs. If you go to our Sizing Page you can learn how to pick the right size brace for your dog. If you order the wrong size you can easily exchange it. If you are not happy with the Brace you may return it in clean, like new condition within ten days for a full refund. Dirty or damaged merchandise is non-refundable. See our Refund and Exchange Policy for complete details.

Yes, with a correct sized brace and proper adjustments the UNISEX design allows your male or female dog to “do their business” without ANY obstruction. The brace should never be fitted so that it cover's up your dogs private parts. Your dog should be comfortable and able to move fully and freely while being supported with a WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace.

The longevity of your WiggleLess® is directly related to the care and cleaning you give it and the amount of daily wear and tear by your dog. Keep velcro “hook” and “loop” clean with either a slicker brush, tweezers, and a vacuum hose. Use a clean, damp sponge on the mesh to wipe away dirt. See our Terms of Service for more information.

Customer Service

You may return your WiggleLess within 14 days of date received to exchange it or for a refund of the purchase price minus a $12 restocking and disinfecting fee. Dirty or damaged merchandise is non-refundable. We do ask that you send us an email to: info@wiggleless.com and let us know to expect your return and we will issue an Return Authorization #. We also ask that you let us know the reason for the return, as we always strive to get better. See ‘Policies’ for complete details. To return your brace please send it to: WiggleLess LLC, 702 West D St., McCook, NE 69001

We do ship outside the US. Shipping options are available during check out before committing to a sale. Customs fees, tariffs and taxes very per country are paid by customer. See our Shipping Policies for details.

The easiest and fastest way to exchange for a different size is to place a new order for the size you need and then return the one that didn’t fit to: WiggleLess, LLC, 702 West D St, McCook, NE 69001... Once your return has been received, your refund will be processed and you will receive a confirmation by email. See Policies for complete details.