5 Benefits of Comfort Shirts for Dogs

5 Benefits of Comfort Shirts for Dogs

A comfort shirt serves many purposes for your four-legged friend, and when worn properly can be a much-needed addition to your dog’s everyday routine.

Made from lightweight, breathable materials, comfort shirts from WiggleLess are great for dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.

What Is a Dog Comfort Shirt?

A comfort shirt is a stretchy fabric that can be pulled over a dog’s head and paws like a sweater. This extra layer of softness can help many pets that wear back braces in particular. Additionally, a comfort shirt, or sometimes known as a thundershirt, can serve as a warm, protective “hug” against a dog’s body, helping ease symptoms of separation anxiety or other triggers.

Below we’ll explore the many benefits of calming shirts for dogs.

1. Relief From Anxiety or Stress

One of the primary benefits of a dog shirt is that it can help dogs feel protected and “hugged.” The light compression provided by the stretchable but snug material is similar to the sensation of a hug offered by a human or a cuddle with another pet. 

When dogs are anxious, this relief can be just what they need. Anxiety or stress might be caused by:

  • Loud, unexpected noises like fireworks or vacuum cleaners.
  • Separation from family.
  • Relocations.
  • Going to the vet.
  • Being in a car.
  • New people or dogs in the vicinity.
  • Changes in the weather.

This is why some pet owners choose to keep dog shirts on all the time and as a standalone “outfit.” While comfort shirts work well for acute or chronic back issues, they also are useful on their own without a brace.

2. Relief From Chafing Back Braces

Dogs with spinal, joint or leg issues may require the use of a back brace for proper spinal alignment. These braces can support the muscles around the spine and limit unnecessary movement of the back while walking. Because they tend to be a coarse, sturdy material that straps into place, improper fits may cause chafing or irritation to the dog’s skin.

A comfort shirt goes underneath the back brace, providing a layer of cushion in between the fur and the brace. A dog shirt can also facilitate greater distribution of weight and pressure across the dog’s back and chest, again creating additional relief from aging or injuries that impact walking, sitting, standing or lying.

3. Additional Support and Comfort for Back Issues

Back braces are common in older dogs or those recovering from surgery, particularly a common type of degenerative illness known as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).

As back pain becomes more debilitating and begins affecting quality of life, a back brace paired with a comfort shirt can help dogs continue their lives in a somewhat limited capacity. But with the additional comfort provided by a shirt, they may have the motivation and relief to go on walks, play and otherwise be more mobile.

4. Collecting Excess Fur and Shedding

One indirect benefit of having a shirt on a dog is that it prevents excess fur from shedding onto furniture, clothes and the floor. At the end of each day or walk, you can take the shirt off, which will likely bring a good amount of loose fur with it.

While you’ll still need to regularly brush your dog or take them to the groomers, a shirt can be a nice, quick solution to shedding before you take other steps.

5. Shelter From the Elements

Dogs with skin issues or anxiety-induced overgrooming or itching might benefit from a comfort shirt. As they begin to associate the shirt with comfort, or with certain activities like going outside, they may become more at ease, which can alleviate certain pathological behaviors.

Additionally, with a shirt on, the dog can’t access the same parts of their body where overgrooming may occur. This separation can help fur grow back in time.

Lastly, just as some pet owners put sweaters, raincoats and booties on their fur babies, a shirt can be another accessory that helps shield dogs from outside temperature and elements.

WiggleLess is proud to provide for your pet as the top superstore for dog pain relief. Browse our store online or contact us for more information. If your dog needs support, we’re here to help.

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