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Xena's mom

French Bulldog

We went from Xena wearing her WiggleLess back brace almost all most of the time at the start of her recovery as it actually helped her to walk straight and keep her back legs standing to now only wearing it when we go for walks as she has improved so much. She knows when it comes out that its walk time so she is so exicted everytime she sees it I wouldn't bring her out and about without it. Great product!

Boo Boo's mom


Boo Boo. He is a 13 year old Poodle Bichon  (also known as a Bi-Poo or a Poo-Chon). He weighs 14 pounds and had a back injury at the end of September last year from me stepping on his back coming off of a ladder...he was unfortunately laying right under it and I didn’t see him :( He had no symptoms for months, however he frequently launches from couch to couch and apparently is convinced he can fly or something because he’s always launching onto something. 
On the evening of Feb 19th, 2020 he went outside to potty and then came back in with very limited mobility in his back legs. He was walking like he was “drunk”, almost like his back end couldn't keep up with the rest of his body. He was running into walls and knuckling his feet while attempting to was heartbreaking. On Feb 20th, he was diagnosed with IVDD...x-rays confirmed 3 to 4 vertebrae were causing the issue in his back legs. He also was suffering some nerve problems related to it. The vet treated him with Prednisone, Tramadol and a muscle relaxer and strict cage rest. Boo doesn’t “do” crates well so we’ve been trying to manage best we can with gates for areas of the house and a large pet play pin during our work hours. I felt so defeated with the news of this disease! My mom suggested that I see if they make back braces for dogs, I noticed there was very limited options. I decided to do a google search before giving up and that’s when I found WiggleLess! After reading EVERY testimony I decided to give it a shot. 
The reason I bought the brace was to help him during this episode of IVDD and to hopefully protect him in the future. He’s a senior dog but I’m hoping he has at least a handful of years left! I’m praying that this will give him his mobility back at least so he can enjoy walks outside and maybe even some play time. Your customer service is GREAT and I am grateful that I found a product dedicated to helping pets who suffer from IVDD. I will keep you posted on his progress! Boo Boo is wearing the 11" brace.

Rookie's Mom


Rookie is a 9 year old papillon. He suffered from IVDD about 2 years ago and had surgery. He’s had 2 acute disc pain within the past year and I bought the brace to prevent further recurrences. I mainly use it for when I take him on walks and to restrict his spinal movement in general— whenever I feel he’s in an environment where he could re-injure his spine.  My observations is that the brace prevents him from over arching his back when he’s overly active and discourages him from jumping.  I think it’s helping and the straps are easy to adjust for comfort.  So thank you for your product and feedback.  

DiDi's Mom


Meet DiDi from Canada. He's a Papillon/Pekingese wearing his 9" WiggleLess Brace for back support. 

Oliver's Mom

Long Haired Dachshund

My twelve year old, Oliver, is getting a little wobbly in the hind end. I bought him a WiggleLess brace to give him support. He's adjusting to it well, and it gives me peace of mind.

Freud's Mom

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

WiggleLess has enabled Freud to go on walks again without being able to hurt his back.

Joy's Dad

French Bulldog

Just wanted to inform you we have successfully received the brace here in Israel. Joy looks great in it and we hope the brace will stabilize his condition. So far so good! Thank you for your effort and fast response.

Tippy's Mom

Sweet Mix

Just wanted to let you know I got the new brace. I can't thank you enough. You literally saved Tippy's life. Thank you just doesn't convey how much we appreicate all that you did for our family. If it weren't for you and your brace we would've had no other choice but to put Tippy down. Thank you so much for giving us more time with our sweet boy!

Sophie's Mom

Malti mix

Here's Sophie in her WiggleLess Brace. Thank you!

Max's Mom


Here's Max— he's obsessed with fetch and tug of war but not been able to play since he hurt his back, will take it slow but he's already walking more comfortably so he might feel up to playing after a little more time. I'll take progress photos and share them on social media... no one has heard of back braces here in Hong Kong but loads of my friends with pugs and sausage dogs need them. Thank you!

Oggie's Mom


I must tell you how much we have appreciated and used your Wiggleless back brace with Oggie over the past months.As you know, after three surgeries, we are doing everything we can to keep Oggie safe from another occurrence of IVDD.  He is an extremely active little guy and demonstrates this constantly throughout the entire day. By now he stops at the top and bottom of steps waiting to be picked up, mostly sits at a chair or couch, again waiting to be picked up. Ramps are a lost cause when he’s excited, he just jump’s off without touching the ramp, probably because it’s faster and wonders why his parents have their arms in the air saying ‘no Oggie’. Anyway, you have the picture.We’ve learned over time that Oggie has a ‘tell’ when his back is in jeopardy, we immediately put him in his brace and after half to a whole day, everything is back in order. The most he’s needed it on is 3 days. Needless to say, we are so grateful we can catch it early with the brace. He’s not crazy about it but he tolerates it enough to get through the respite times. Thank you!


The WiggleLess brace has helped my Pekingese so much. He has his swagger back on walks. Thank you for creating this!

Frenchie Family

French Bulldog

All the way from Malaysia!

We are hoping the brace will help with his condition, at least stabilize the spine!

Lil' Moose's Mom

French Bulldog

He is doing so much better! And he only has to wear his brace if we are going to be around a bunch of people or other dogs. He can't contain himself. This product definitely helped his IVDD recovery, along with physical therapy and cold laser treatments. Thank you!

Emma's Mom

Terrier Mix

The brace is providing the support I hoped for. As you can see in the photo, the back leg furthest out is the worst and gets dragged but she gets on her feet much better now. Emma can't stand for very long. We are waiting for her cart. Thank you!

Molly's Mom

Beagle Mix

Molly is a beagle mix we adopted from our Humane Society. She is deaf and the vet thinks it is due to vaccinations. She has "fly biting syndrome" and snaps the air at imaginary flys. She was chewing on her hind end creating awful sores and hot spots. Instead of an awkward cone, we chose your WiggleLess Brace to prevent her from twisting around to her hind end and it works beautifully. Molly is healing well, and still has "her head" about her to sniff and play and be a dog. Thank you WiggleLess!

Bella's Mom


Bella is doing great! The brace keeps her from twisting her spine and jumping every time she sees somebody. She adapted to her brace immediately. So far we are very happy! Thank you!


French Bulldog

If my mom thinks I'm going to do stuff that might hurt my back, she puts on my WiggleLess back brace and it's really very comfortable and I look cute in it too!

Mighty Mouse's Mom

Multipoo Mix

“Mighty Mouse in his new brace a month ago or so. He loves it, and so do we. It helped tremendously with the fireworks last night, and there were plenty. Sounded like a battlefield here. His old brace did not really have a calming affect on him. The new sure seemed to. He was A LOT calmer than he ever has been. Thank you Lisa for the new design, and all you do for our babies. Yasmin and I are forever grateful!!!”


English Cocker Spaniel

Thanks to WiggleLess for helping my mom get the fit just right. I cannot wiggle too much, but I can still wag my tail so I am a happy pup!


Cocker Spaniel

This is my Buddy. He's been a long time wearer of WiggleLess, so we just got him the new design. Being able to put the brace on without going over his head is a huge PLUS. So far we like the design! Buddy had back surgery almost 4 years ago due to a herniated disc, potentially from IVDD. He'll be 9 years old this autumn. 

Piper's Mom

Miniature Schnauzer

My Piper is a 12 year old miniature schnauzer that has arthritis. We are using the WiggleLess Brace to help support her while she walks and we are happy with the results. Thank you!

Jessie's Dad


We are so happy with the WiggleLess brace! The chest strap is perfect flexibility, it has just enough play to not be too tight. The brace is snug on her and has no loose areas. It fits her like a glove! Jessie was walking around and following us like she always does. I love the adjustibility and and that we can customize it to Jessie. Thank you, WiggleLess—we are a happy family!

McKinley's Mom

Pit Bull Mix

McKinley was born with Swimmer’s Puppy Syndrome. I am a nurse at an animal emergency vet, and 2 week old McKinley was a patient of mine. Her chest was quite concaved and it was difficult for her to breathe. The doctors gave her a guarded to grave prognosis, and euthanasia was recommended. My heart was broken because she seemed to have a fire in her with a desire to live. Luckily, her owner was willing to give her to me to try and save her. A few weeks went by, and she was overcoming the Swimmer’s Puppy Syndrome, but having difficulties with controlling her hind end. Radiographs revealed a very severe form of Scoliosis.  After seeing some other veterinarians and getting more opinions throughout those next few weeks, McKinley was started on more physical therapy and acupuncture, and her doctor thought a brace may be beneficial.

I searched all over for a brace that could be adjustable and help grow with her. This is when I found Wiggleless, which had a superior design to any of the other braces we have encountered. The boning keeps her spine aligned (or at least as close to aligned as her Scoliosis will permit), and the material is soft and breathable. It only took a few days of practice with it on that 2 ½ month old McKinley was able to start walking! At 3 months old, McKinley was standing up, catching her breath from a fun session of tug, when her tail started wagging. This might not seem like a big deal to most, but a dog with a bad back usually can’t wag their tail much, if at all. To see this happy pup be able to loosely wag her tail in joy filled my heart to the brim!

Wiggleless has the absolute best customer service and the products are excellent quality. Without her Wiggleless brace, McKinley would not be able to run and play like she does! Her Wiggleless brace doesn’t only give her the physical ability to “keep up with the big dogs”, but it also gives her the confidence needed to run, bounce, wrestle, and live! McKinley is now 7 months old, full of vigor and life! Her strong will to survive has helped her to overcome so much, but I am also confident that her Wiggleless brace was the tool she needed to thrive! Thank you so much for giving her the opportunity to succeed!

Bean’s Parents


“I just wanted to give you some feedback on using the Wiggleless brace on Bean. We started him using it last Saturday (October 6th) and he has been wearing it every day now most of the day. He does not mind wearing it at all and we do see that he has quickly improved after using it for support (and probably also mentally it is supportive to his confidence). Today (October 11th) he had his checkup with the vet after being on crate rest for about 3 weeks now for his back-related pain. The vet told us he was amazed at how helpful the brace was for Bean and he wrote down the name of the product. He agrees with us that it seems to both help him in physical support and also mentally feel confident to walk normally. Bean has been able to cut back to only one pain pill per day (from 3 times a day) and is not showing signs or any pain and is returning to his normal kinds of activities (walking, shaking occasionally, etc) with no indications of pain. The vet is now very optimistic that he will fully recover in a couple of more weeks. Just wanted to let you know how this has helped Bean and thank you for this product. It has been a great blessing for Bean and for us in watching him improve!“

Max’s Mom


“Hi my Maltipoo had a spinal surgery for a herniated disc (IVDD). Max, a.k.a. The Cutie was completely paralyzed before surgery, look at him now. The brace is really helping him with his walking and confidence. Thank you so much!“

Rex’s Mom

Shepherd Mix

“On Saturday, April 7, 2018, our beautiful big brother Rex joined our family. At the age of 14 years old he was abandoned in the streets in Portugal by the husband of the owner after she passed away from cancer. So very sad and heartbreaking…Shelter Bianca, the organization that rescued me too, took care of him and arranged his travel home to us. Rex has Ehrlichiosis and Babesia for which he receives treatment. He also has cataracts and a heart murmur. Because he has some problems with walking, especially his left hind leg is in bad shape, we made extra x-rays. These showed that the left hock joint is completely loose and this explains the way he walks. We will look into the option of a brace to support his leg. He is a beautiful dog and he has such a gentle heart and soul. We will do everything for him to give him the best life ever! ♥“

Sadie’s Dad

Terrier Mix

Hi Lisa! Sadie’s dad here!  I saw your article on PetTrax and IVDD.  Sadie had her tenth birthday and is doing well. Staying at the mobility level she had a few years ago. I look at old videos, and she is neither better or worse. As long as she can take long walks that is fine with me. She did have an issue a few months ago. I was at the groomer with her for a trim. I have to hold her while being trimmed and dremmeled. I noticed her abdomen was distended. We took her to the vet for an ultrasound. Seems her digestive tract was impacted, and pressing on the bladder. This caused urine and feces to begin backing up.  After a catheter and an enema, she was normal. However, the enema caused bleeding and a large vet bill. She now feels a bit distended but is eliminating. However, dry chunky stool. I am thinking the beginning of constipation. I ordered LaxAire from Amazon. The reviews are all positive, so I will try that before the vet again. I was wondering if you had any information or experience with this? You mentioned laser in your article. I purchased a Vetrolaser online. The vet that sells them was not very descriptive in the use, i.e., where to place it and length of time at each site.  Any thoughts? So far, the best treatment is still Sadie’s WiggleLess vest!  She l does much better with it, and we do not walk without it. Hope you and your furry ones are doing well! Regards“

Babu's Mom


“Hi Lisa, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that four and a half years on and my miniature Dachshund Babu recovered well from his extreme spinal surgery (he was paralysed and had lost all deep pain from IVDD). From the moment he learned to walk again he has worn his WiggleLess back brace every day (he even wears it under his buoyancy vest when we go stand up paddling together). The brace has really lasted well considering the beating it receives. Today I ordered a new brace from your website. The old brace is still perfectly functional – it’s just understandably looking a bit tired. I will pass on the old brace to our vet clinic in case in can be of emergency use to his other patients. I can’t thank you enough for producing such a high-quality product and we look forward to receiving our fresh new brace soon. Kind Regards“

Thor’s Mom

Piebald Miniature Dachshund

“Thor" is a Long Haired Piebald Miniature Doxie, 9 Years of age. I purchased this Wiggleless and he has been able to run and play and be the flyboy that he is.“

Westin’s Mom


Westin, 14 Years, was just diagnosed IVDD. She can now get up on her own and has spring in her walk and is able to squat to go her business.“

Bentley’s Mom

Cocker Spaniel

“This is Bentley, my 8 year old Cocker Spaniel who was diagnosed with IVDD last summer. We treated with steroids and confinement but that’s really hard for a breed who’s nicknames are “wigglebutts” and 3 other active dogs in the house. When I noticed he was limiting himself, I did some internet reading and came across Wiggleless. I thought it would sure be worth a try to avoid an expensive surgery. He wears it during the day when he’s having a flare-up & sleeps ‘naked’ & we can tell how much better he feels with the stability it obviously gives him. Thank goodness he doesn’t mind putting it on. When we visited the vet recently for another round of steroids, he was wearing the brace and our veterinarian was really impressed. Thank you for giving Bentley the ability to still be a ‘wigglebutt.’ Dog bless!”“

Mila’s Mom


“This is Mila wearing her WiggleLess brace! We live in Ireland. Mila is 6 years old and has had two IVDD episodes in her lifetime. Thank you for making the WiggleLess braces. Mila also loves her WiggleLess Comfort Shirt!“

Pagu’s Dad


“All is well in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Pagu is a happy girl! in her Wiggleless after an IVDD episode.“



“Max is a two time surgical boy who went down badly late last year for the 2nd time and is still not walking. He specialist surgeon loves the concept of the braces for IVDD dogs and is recommending them to owners when he feels they are appropriate. It’s taken a while for braces to be accepted here in Australia, specialists do think their surgery is enough to cure, however, they are now seeing dogs returning for second episodes, statically 30% will return.

Gracie’s Mom

German Shepherd

“Gracie is 5 years old. She weighs 68 pounds. She likes to whip her back end around to play and when she regained some use of her back legs she tried to start that again. That’s why I bought the brace. To prevent her from doing that. I got the brace today and she settled down immediately!”

Leila's Mom


“Lisa, this is my sweet baby girl Leila in her WiggleLess Back Brace and she loves to travel with us and her little sister Anibel. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Leila live a better life in her brace. Leila will be twelve years old December 5th.”

Hotdog’s Mom


“Hotdog is 5 years old. He had inflammation in his back from bumping it on the table and then jumping up and down from the couch and made it worse. When he went to the vet he could hardly walk. Doc gave him steroids for eight days and complete crate rest. He has gained some use of his back legs, (he is very wobbly) but we use a homemade lift on him. He is still on crate rest or should I say “playpen” rest.  It is just hard to get it to fit at the end of his back due to his chest size. Once I get it on correctly he seems to like it. I will just have to do every day and it should get easier for both of us. Thanks again for allowing Mr. Hotdog to win this brace!“

Winston’s Mom


Just wanted to let you know how amazing the WiggleLess Dog Brace is. Our doxie has been having back problems for over one year. I was beginning to think we would have to have him put to sleep. After receiving and putting the back brace on today, our boy is able to function without pain. Many thanks!”

Prince's Mom


“The WiggleLess brace is going great! Prince enjoys wearing it and I can see his improvement in stability and his hunch has gone down! IVDD is tough but this makes it much more manageable. So glad we found your site!”

Sebastian’s Mom


“I was paralyzed in my hind legs after the accident and I needed to wear a diaper for a month or so, how embarrassing! With a lot of medicine, physio (done by my mom), love, and my NEVER GIVE UP spirit, I am walking again today… albeit a bit wobbly. With my awesome new back brace, I feel comfortable and SAFE! If I fall over, I can’t hurt myself further WHOO-HOOOO! Thank you Wiggleless, you guys rock!!”

Iz’s Mom


“Iz had IVDD. I wiggle so much, that it hurts my upper back. Auntie Tasha got me this WiggleLess back brace! It stops me from swaying my bum too much. I want to show off my bum to all the ladies but mahm says my health is more important  ***this post is not sponsored by WiggleLess.*** Mahm has already noticed a big difference in my back so she wanted to shares it! Plus I look super dapper!”

Tedy’s Mom


“Tedy is doing a lot better today and he actually likes wearing the brace a lot. I think it’s really helping him. Plus I’ve always liked him in anything red, so it’s a win for both of us lol. Thank you so much!”

Angel's Mom

French Bulldog

"My life is dogs. I am a breeder of French Bulldogs, a breed that is at high risk for IVDD. After my experience with a dog that had a severe back injury, the only thing that gave me peace of mind when my dog went back out into the yard after weeks of confinement was this back brace. It is truly a benefit, preventing further injury to the spine. Thank you WIGGLELESS for giving me and my French Bulldog Angel comfort.Marika Zoll, Ph.D.Psychologist/Breeder/TrainerFrench Bulldogs LA, Ojai, CA“

Perdita’s Mom


“Perdita has been wearing her WiggleLess for almost two years now and is doing great! She gets excited every morning to put it on.

Beanie’s Mom


“My 1 1/2 year old Dachshund, Beanie. Her WiggleLess back brace helps limit her movement since she was diagnosed with a bulging disc.”

Chica’s Mom


"Here’s Chica Bean chilling in her Wiggleless. Chica had a hemilaminectomy in 2014 after going lame. Because she is a chiweenie she is prone to IVDD as you are well aware. She recovered well but has an occasional flare up. The Wiggleless helps to keep her calm & lessen her likelihood of re-injuring herself. Thank you!”

Nicholas Lanier

Schnauzer/Terrier mix

“Rocket Hitchcock is an 7 year old Schnauzer/Terrier mix. His hobbies include going for investigative strolls in the neighborhood, playing long games of low-intensity chase with members of his toy collection and convincing us (his two dads) that he has not had enough bacon treats and that we should really do something to remedy the situation. During the first few years of his life, we noticed that he had this funny “wiggle” in his motion when we would go for our walks. It was actually super cute. It was as though there was simply not enough structural support in his mid-body to keep him in-line as he moved. I never thought much about it until, when he was 4 years old, he began suffering severe back pain. We had an x-ray done and one of his vertebra lit up like a Christmas tree. It turned out to be one of the ones where his “wiggle” was causing spinal friction. He was diagnosed with I.V.D.D. (Intervertebral Disc Disease). The vets wrote a prescription for anti-inflammatories, pain meds and limited movement for 30 days. We did everything we could for him at the house. Our work schedule was such that one of us would always be home to supervise him and carefully carry him in and out for his bathroom breaks. We blocked off a small area in the living room full of blankets, pillows and toys for him to cuddle with. We didn’t really have to worry about him moving around much because he was so looped up on drugs.We began studying up on I.V.D.D. and quickly discovered that it has a tendency to have repeat flare ups. We knew that if Rocket recovered from this round, we were going to have to be extremely careful with his activity levels going forward.  If there were to be another incident, he would potentially be facing either an invasive back surgery or – the unthinkable – paralysis of his back legs. We investigated online to see what sort of back braces existed for dogs. We were underwhelmed until we discovered the webpage for the WiggleLess. It sounded like everything that one could imagine a brace could be and we saw that it was initially designed for dogs who suffer from I.V.D.D. We put in an order immediately. This was about two weeks since the beginning of Rocket’s drug/rest regimen. The WiggleLess arrived at the house. We put it on him. I kid you not: He stood up, looked around and gave us this smile as if to say, “That feels so much better.” Needless to say, his recovery came off without a hitch and his WiggleLess was essential to that process. Today – almost 4 years later – Rocket lives a next-to-normal and super happy, pain-free life. 

Here are some things that we have learned over the years that we would like to share with newcomers to I.V.D.D. 

1. No stairs. This is per the vet and per our own experience. Our house has lots of stairs. We carry him up. We carry him down. No exceptions.

2.  Limited jumping. The vet informed us that I.V.D.D. is prevalent among dogs who “launch from furniture”. Rocket is a “launcher”. It’s how he got his name. 

3.  He wears his WiggleLess 98% of the time. The summer after his initial flare up was unusually hot. We only had him wear his brace part-time because of this. We thought he would be fine. Unfortunately, he experienced a second flare up. We took him back to the vet and confessed to her that we hadn’t been keeping his brace on all of the time because of the heat. She said, “Keep it on him.” Understood. Luckily, it was only a minor flare up and he was back to his old self in just a few days. 

4. On our walks, we keep him away from bigger dogs and overly excited puppies. It’s exercising caution. We don’t want him to get pounced on which could cause a back injury. 

5. I groom him at home. It’s possible that we are being overly protective. However, he came back from the groomer’s favoring his back one time and we decided that it would be safer to try do it ourselves. Not only is it safer, you’ll get to save a few bucks at the same time. There are hundreds of “how-to” videos online that show you different ways to approach home trimming.

In closing, my family wants to say a huge thank you to Lisa for the brace that she has created. The WiggleLess turned out to be the missing ingredient in Rocket’s recovery from I.V.D.D. and it continues to be his daily life jacket that keeps him safe, sound and snug. He would not be the pup he is today without it. Most sincerely, Nicholas Lanier - Los Angeles, CA“

Milo’s Mom


Milo’s Mom, (Dachshund)“Two weeks ago today (December 30th), everything changed for this little boy. It was such an innocent thing…He had reached up and put his paws on Sam’s leg so he could jump up in her lap, then crumbled to the floor in pain. Two ER vet visits and many trips to our vet later he feels so much better! We know that he had a pinched nerve, but we may never know if it was caused by a bulging disc or what (due to the location of the narrowing spaces in his neck— not easy to see on x-ray due to location), but we do know that whatever happened, he is recovering from it. I want to thank Dr. Piña at the Emergency vet in Longview for helping us through the first few rough days, Dr. Pitman and the KVA staff for starting him on laser treatments and for always listening to us, to Lisa Luckenbach for the WiggleLess brace that will help protect his back , and for all of you who have prayed for us, have given us great advice ( Megan Sadler ) the heating pad idea was a life saver), and those who checked on us over the last 2 weeks….Thank you so much! I finally feel like we are on the road to recovery “

Wally’s Mom


“This is Wally. He is 5 1/2. He is a miniature dachshund.  His face is always so cute and puppy-like.Wally started to get strange symptoms a few weeks ago and it progressed quickly and his back legs didn’t work anymore! It was IVDD. He had surgery and will walk again, the vet said.He has nice posture with the brace on. He doesn’t mind when I put the brace on him. Usually he doesn’t like anything like a t-shirt or sweater. Thank you!“

Remi’s’s Mom

German Shepherd

This is Remi our 6 month old German Shepherd puppy. You might remember him from a few months ago when he first got his WiggleLess brace. Remi had a spinal injury which compressed his spinal cord and caused his spine to “hinge” at the point of injury. Because of the way he moved, his spine was also twisting. The WiggleLess brace helped to keep him mobile and to maintain muscle mass until his surgery. I sewed a loop on the back of the brace so I could attach the leash on the back end so I could hold him steady if he started to flop over.
Remi underwent a dorsal lumbosacral laminectomy on October 7, 2016. Dr Caroline Runyon performed this very complicated surgery, flawlessly. Remi has started the rehab process and as you can see, he is using his brace  The support it gave him pre-op is now being used to support him in his post-op recovery. He still has a long road but we’re very optimistic that he will be mobile on all 4 legs! He is such a happy boy and a real trooper – thank you WiggleLess!“

Java’s Mom

Shih Tzu

“I went to the vet today, as Java wasn’t feeling well, and they had to take x-rays, when we looked at her X-rays we saw that her back looked amazing, The doctor even asked me if she even had a herniated disc? My answer was yes, she couldn’t even walk, I believe that it is and was the Wiggleless brace that helped my Java’s back look like a normal back again, she can jump and run, I keep the brace on her in the day time and off to sleep at night, Tears came to my eyes, so happy that I got this amazing brace when I did. Thank you Lisa and thanks Wiggleless xoxxo”

Wiggle’s Mom

Toy Poodle

“We honestly didn’t think our toy poodle, ironically named Wiggles, would ever get back to normal again. Her back problems came about because of jumping on and off furniture for years and it caught up with her now that she’s a senior. Thanks to Wiggleless, she started showing improvements after wearing the back brace for six months. It’s been a year since we purchased the back brace and she’s now back to her old crazy self. We still keep the back brace on her (except for when she goes to bed at night) because it has helped her so much and we definitely don’t want her to go back to being in pain and not able to move her back legs. Thank you SO much Wiggleless – We are so happy that we took a chance and bought a back brace from you!!”

Kaos’s Mom


“My senior Pug has had spine and hind leg issues, but last week he was twisting, contorting, and falling. He’d try so hard to walk and play… I was bawling my eyes out. He’s my best friend in the world… I’d have to carry him home and he’d barely be able to walk in the house. I was told to try WiggleLess before panicking. The WiggleLess Brace arrived today (a day earlier than estimated!) and WOW! I want to Hug every one of you that’s involved in this product! Within a few minutes of getting the brace on, my little man is walking better than he has in YEARS! He ran up and down the hill and hopped onto a step (I always carry him. He bolted up the front porch without waiting for me!) and he’s been running through the house with Toys, and even made it perfectly walking around the linoleum kitchen! I’ve never been happier with anything in my life! This little Dog has gotten me through my life! He’s so happy! And I’m in tears of Joy over it! It also fits perfectly to wear so he won’t go pee onto it. Its beyond perfect!THANK YOU! This is the biggest Blessing of a product ever! I hope people read this and give it a shot, because I honestly was skeptical, and assumed I was about to have a little wheelie Dog. He’s shed off about 5 years of old age! Total new level of life! I love WiggleLess! “

Terrier’s Mom


“My little terrier has IVDD. He was in excruciating pain and the doctor put him on pain meds which he was taking up to three times a day. I found the Wiggleless brace and thought I’d give it a shot. The minute I put it on him, he started wagging his tail. It seemed to give him confidence. Within a day, I started decreasing the pain meds. He went from three to two to one within a couple of days! I took him to the vet a week later and she couldn’t believe how well he was doing. She couldn’t believe that he was no longer taking any pain meds. She gave him a full check up and agreed that he seemed better. She also mentioned that the material used and the design of the brace were both excellent choices! As the days have gone by, I see him wagging his tail and with less anxiety and more confidence. Thank you sooo much for caring enough about dogs to create these!!! I feel like they are little miracles for our fur babies!“

Bam Bam's Dad


“I just thought I would drop you a quick message to say. Jammie no longer wears his harness. Runs around like a puppy again and does go up down the stairs. The brace was well worth the money. Hope many other dogs out there get the same rewards. Thank you!”

Freddy’s Foster Mom


“Hi there! We LOVE the WiggleLess brace! Meet Freddy, a three-and-a-half year old Pit Bull/Dachshund mix who was adopted a few years back from New Leash On Life Rescue after being saved him from euthanasia at the Long Beach Animal Shelter, the area where he had been found abandoned and malnourished in an alley behind a liquor store. About a year ago, after his adoption into a loving home, Freddy was diagnosed with IVDD. As with any dog living with this condition, some days are tougher than others. For a while it seemed that Freddy was doomed to a life of being carried up and down stairs and being unable to play with other dogs at the risk of hurting himself or aggravating the condition. That all changed when he was generously offered a chance to try a WiggleLess brace and see if it could make a difference for him. And it did! What the WiggleLess brace does, at least in Freddy’s case, is help stabilize his back. He usually just lays around the house, but on his daily walks his back end sways a lot, which can be dangerous and painful for a dog with IVDD. Now Freddy moves more comfortably and with renewed confidence thanks to the support this comfortable brace gives him. And it looks sleek too! We get so many compliments and questions which we are happy to respond to. Best of all, the brace doesn’t inhibit Freddy from doing any of the things he normally does! Gentle play, potty time, and jumping up to the couch are even easier for him now that he has the WiggleLess brace supporting him. Thank you so much for your compassion for our rescue dog and passion about helping those affected by this condition. It’s nice to know there are people out there dedicated to making this disease easier to cope with — both for pet parents and their four-legged, forever-family members who suffer from it. Thank you for all you do, WiggleLess!”

Gracie’s mom

cocker spaniel

“Our senior Cocker Spaniel Rescue Grace was diagnosed May 28th with Spondylosis and IVDD by an ER vet. We got a second opinion from our regular vet and he agreed with the diagnosis,and said that if she loses use of her back end, he would not recommend surgery due to her age and health issues. I immediately began looking for something that would help stabilize her back and give her the best quality of life for as long as she was with us. What we found was the WiggleLess. I ordered it on June 1st and it was here by June 3rd. The instructions were detailed and made it easy to use. Grace didn’t mind me putting it on her and doesn’t mind wearing it. She has diminished shaking and rocking in her back legs when she wears it and can even get up to a good trot with it on. We have noticed less stumbling and she seems happier with it on. We are very happy with this brace  We took Grace to the vet with it on yesterday and he is cautiously optimistic. This of course is not a cure for the degenerative diseases she has been diagnosed with, but this will help increase her quality of life. Thank you Lisa for this wonderful product!“

Remi’s mom

German Shepherd Puppy

“Remi, a German Shepherd puppy, was born with one malformed vertebrae. He has a pronounced bump on his spine where this vertebra is raised above the others.When he stands or walks, his spine hinges at this point & his hind end swivels left or right (the right side is weakest).The difference in him with the WiggleLess brace is nothing short of amazing! It supports his spine enough so that the swivel is greatly limited. This enables him to get his hind leg up underneath himself to right himself much easier.He still falls over sometimes but not nearly as often & is able to right himself with much less effort.I would say, conservatively, that he is 50% better with the brace than without it. He wears it for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times each day when I take him for walks. His therapist recommends that he go without it in his pen so he still needs to work to right himself. His pen has textured flooring so he can get some traction. He’s quite accomplished at using walls, doorways & any other handy object to lean against for balance. I am taking him to a K9 massage therapist weekly & have also introduced swimming twice a day for a for minutes to his treatment regime.Remi’s prognosis is still guarded as the vertebrae could shift and impact his spinal cord at any moment & cause massive paralysis. We can only hope that as he grows & with continued treatment & support, that the vertebrae on either side of the affected one will fuse to it & give him stability.He is such a trooper at only 10 weeks old & is just the sweetest puppy you could imagine. Everyone he meets is totally in love with him & so very hopeful that he will be OK.“

Biff’s Foster Parents

doxie mix

“Biff came to us from a shelter in Kansas, where he was found as a stray. He jumped off the grooming table at his previous shelter and broke his leg. They attempted to do a fracture repair prior to his transfer to Animal House Rescue, but unfortunately that appeared unsuccessful after viewing re-check x-rays. So, our veterinarian performed a hind leg amputation on Biff and he doesn’t seem to notice any difference! He runs and plays like normal and adores his foster brother, McFuzz. Biff is a great dog with a wonderful personality. Just don’t let him jump off tables!“

Bam Bam’s Dad


“Bam Bam was diagnosed 5 weeks ago and being 10 years old we were advised spinal surgery would not be the best at his age. So I came across Wiggleless by googling. Asked my Vet in Australia who hadn’t heard of it. So I bit the bullet. Well let’s just say he wears it almost 24/7, with little breaks in between.  It doesn’t bother him and he is one happy dog that gets around. Still no stairs or jumping but who cares. As long as the tail wags and there is a smile. Wiggleless has helped! Thank you Lisa.“

Minnie Moo’s Mom


“Millie Moo (from UK) was recently diagnosed with back problems and has slight loss of function in her back legs…she is only 2 years and 4 months and is very wiggly and excitable so this is perfect to prevent further damage due to her being so excitable. She took to it straight away and has worn it throughout the day (her busy bee time). Before we had the brace we could tell when she had overdone it in the evening when she settles down—but tonight after removing the brace she has settled down without the look of overdoing it…so far so good! I would just like to say also the service and speed of your delivery was superb!”

Oliver’s’s Mom

“Sending a special “Thank you!” to all at WiggleLess. My Oliver has recently developed/discovered back issues (3 collapsed vertebrae). I knew that I needed to find some way to support  his spine. He is a Yorkshire Terrier and there is no possible way to keep him but so still and calm! Customer service was so helpful, polite and efficient. I received Ollie’s brace so quickly. It is so easy to put on him. I feel so relieved knowing that he has the security and support that he needs. Thank you for giving Oliver back his freedom!“

Mighty Mouse’s Mom

Pek a Poo

“Took Mighty Mouse on his first mini road trip since his injuries. In your neck of the woods, Santa Barbara Harbor with his little sister Summer. We thought of you as we passed the Hwy 33 exit! This would absolutely NOT have even been possible 6 months ago without your wonderful back brace. We really can’t thank you enough. God bless you!! “

Buddy’s Mom

Cocker Spaniel

“Update on Buddy and his Wiggleless.Buddy had spinal surgery last summer and spend nearly 3 months living in his brace. He’s recovered from sudden severe paralysis in his hind quarters very well thanks to Wiggleless. He doesn’t have to wear it as often anymore, but after long hikes, playing rough, or running down the stairs (which he’s not supposed to do). Just wearing it for a few hours today helped him feel better and walk normal. Thank you Wiggleless for continued to help Buddy recover.”

Mulligan’s Dad


“Attached is a picture of “Mulligan” with his Wiggleless brace on.  Sorry I can’t tell you exactly what is medical conditon is called but was basically a separation between vertibrae that was causing a pinching of nerves.  He would just have to move a certain way and he would yelp and suffer with movement or even lying down.  When suffering from this, he kept moving around and just could not get comfortable.  He was not his normal outgoing self and seemed very depressed.  We received the Wiggleless brace on Friday the 10th of March.  From the time we put the brace on him he was back to his old self.  The transformation has been remarkable! He is even back to taking walks!  We only hope this continues.  Wearing the brace is a much better option than prednisone and the next step was referral to orthopedics and surgery was not going to be an option. Thank you!”

Lily and Abisha’s Mom


“I would like everyone for sure to know how the WiggleLess brace helped my 2 girls and boy. Abisha (the red dapple) was diagnosed with IVDD and Lily (black and tan) is wearing brace for prevention. We also have a chihuahua mix (Cowboy) that is wearing his for anxiety. Thanks again for a great brace!”

Jemma’s Mom


“Minus 30 degrees here in Canada. Jemma is wearing her wiggleless back brace to help with her back today. Working wonders”

Ozzie’s Dad


“Hi, the brace has arrived this morning we have just put it on him now. He doesn’t seem to mind it at moment— and he’s a pain to put stuff on lol. Thank you for a very quick delivery fantastic will keep you updated with is progress! All the best!”

Radar’s Mom

Cocker Mix

I truly don’t know what I would have done had my sister in law not found this online for Radar. Thank you so much WiggleLess! Radar continues to improve.“

Bear’s Dad


“I received the brace today and Bear seems to have adjusted to the brace quickly. He was able to walk around (For a short walk) without falling over. Thanks and I hope that the brace will help prevent any further damage to his spine. Both images are of Bear.“

Tristen’s Dad

Cocker Spaniel

“This is my testimonial. My dog Tristen started having partial paralysis in his back legs. He started losing feeling in his back paws and didn’t know if he was walking on his pads or on the tops of his feet (called knuckling). He was also unstable and would let his back end fall over on tile flooring (he was ok on rugs or grass). Our Vet recommended anti-inflammatory drugs and limited his mobility for 8 weeks (crating him and only allow him out for potty breaks), which I did, but I also went online and found Wiggleless back brace website and thought I would give it a try (anything to help by best buddy). We got it in 3 days time and I tried it out on him for about an hour the first day and then every time I took him out of the crate after that. HE IS NOT CURED, but he can now walk without falling over and he does not do the knuckling anymore with the brace on. It has helped him a lot, and helped me with my stress of worrying so much about him. I am not getting paid for endorsing this product, It has just taken a lot of stress off me and help him walk again, that I feel obligated to let any dog owner know about this product. Please forward this out to friends and friends of friends with dogs, to let them know about this product, if you are a dog lover and want to help dogs with this type of back problems or Intervertebral disk disease. Thank You!“

Jeter’s Mom


“Jeter is an 8yo Shih Tzu /Bichon mix who developed acute back pain and was miserable. He wouldn’t eat or move. The vet did an xray and diagnosed him with IVDD, a degenerative spine condition. The vet said that this occurs from years of jumping, and having short legs and a long body. The vet gave him some anti-inflammatory medication and told us we needed to wait a month to see how he would do, but he was already showing some neurologic deficit in one leg.  The vet said he needed to lay quiet for one month and not get up on beds, chairs, no jumping, limit his walking, and he should be crated a lot.  It just broke our hearts to see little Jeter in discomfort, and then having to prevent him from sitting in his chair and sleeping in the bed. Not only was he in pain and miserable, but he didn’t understand why we were keeping him “in jail”. I work with humans with back pain. So I thought to myself, what can I do to help poor little Jeter? What would be a conservative measure that would prevent his spine from getting any worse and provide him with comfort?  We use back braces in humans… so I Google’d “doggy back brace” and found WiggleLess!! Boy am I glad I did!!  It looked like it was based off of the same type of brace we use in humans… lightweight, some support bars on the sides of the spine and adjustable w/ Velcro. I ordered a Wiggless small long and had it Fed Ex’d overnight. Jeter seemed more comfortable immediately!! His walking also improved. I believe because he has firm support on his spine, his legs have more traction. He is able to lay in his favorite chair in his usual positions, walk, lift his leg and do his business, and go up and down one step. Wearing the WiggleLess seems to deter him from “jumping up” which is a good thing, because we don’t want him to do that. I take the brace off at night and crate him. When he gets up in the morning, he doesn’t do a full stretch—something still hurts…but with the WiggleLess on, he will do a full stretch, so it obviously makes him feel better!! Thank you WiggleLess!! “

Bean’s Mom


“Here is Bean sporting her WiggleLess Dog Back Brace on the trails! She has narrowing intervertebral disc space in her lower back and has had a few episodes of severe pain because of it. This brace helps her by supporting her little spine which prevents her from being in pain the next day after activity, and most importantly, she doesn’t have to miss out on outdoor family time!”

Rikki’s Mom

Cavalier King Charles Spanie

“I am not the best photographer, but you’ll get the idea.  We went yesterday for a follow up x-ray.  Although it didn’t show much progress, the vet said he wasn’t expecting much on an injury of this nature – they are so slow to heal.  BUT he was more than impressed with the back brace Ricki was wearing and very encouraged by the way she was responding.  She is so comfortable in it, and even more important she has her confidence back.  My instructions are to start her back in agility at a snails pace WITH the brace on and see how she does. I’ll keep you posted on Ricki’s progress and please know how grateful we are to have found this product.“

Oscar’s Mom


“Thank you so much for helping us out this weekend with fitting our Oscar with the proper brace. I thought the original measurements I took were right, but I probably should have measured twice. After doing the modification recommended for dogs with a slim waist, the back brace fits nearly perfect. Poor doxies are so oddly disproportionate! Though this was Oscar’s first episode with IVDD and it was fairly mild with no surgery needed and only 7 days on NSAIDs, I just know that this brace will give him the support he needs to have a happy, pain-free life from now on.Again, thank you for your help and for taking the initiative to develop this product and help our furry family members”

Perdita’s Mom


“I was skeptical at first, especially being a Vet Tech but I can honestly say my pug is almost 100% better. She had possible nerve issues and disc disease. It’s been 4 months and she’s doing great. She wears it all day long and gets excited to put it on! Best $100 I’ve ever spent!!!!!“

Jasper’s Dad


“I have no idea how this works. But I’m glad it does. This is Jasper, my 12 year old chiweeny. You guys sent me the WiggleLess brace in less than 2 days and ever since I put it on him, holy moly his trembling, growling inability to go up and down the stairs were gone! He now has energy, is happy to go potty outside and even jumps in my bed!
Thank you guys for making my old man Jasper a happy one.
I personally have back problems, sometimes pain with sudden moves and it is horrible. You guys are awesome!”

Myla’s Mom

Yorkie Mix

“My 10.5 year old Sissy has been diagnosed with a disc disorder. She has been having problems since Thanksgiving. Lots meds and pain pills. Since she got her Wiggleless she has not had a single episode and we have backed off her pain meds by over half!. She has gotten used to it, just took some time. Thank you so much!“

Mighty Mouse’s parent and best friend

Pek A Poo

“This is Mighty Mouse, 7 year old Pek A Poo, and my best friend. My Vet set him up with the WiggleLess brace after a rather serious back injury. It has worked SO well! And he actually really likes it! He is on leash restirction in the house so as not to jump on the furniture, but gets some off leash time outside. Wonderful product. We highly recommend it.“

Myla’s Mom

Shih Tzu

I’m sorry for the delay in getting you some pictures. Myla’s back injury has healed remarkably! Thank you for such an incredible product!

Timbit’s Mom


“Hi Lisa, here is our little Timbit in his new WiggleLess. We got it in record time, thank you. I put it on him everyday for periods of time and walk him in it, he can still walk a bit depending on the day.He is slowly getting used to it more each day, he definitely walks better and straighter in it. He just has a hard time getting up from sitting in it, but that may be him and his condition deterioring. Wiggleless is an awesome product and I love it, it helps me to know his back is more supported and protected. Thanks for your help on sizing, I definitely needed the x-strip for my little puglet lol. Let me know what you think of the pictures k. Oh and he starts rehab hydrotherapy Tues. so we’re excited about that!”

Buster’s Mom

Beagle Mix

“Buster is doing amazingly well. He wears the brace when he needs to go up steps or get on the couch. He’s so much more confident and he has no pain. And he looks fabulous to add!”

Abisha’s Mom


“My sweet girl with her WiggleLess brace. She was in alot of pain until I put the brace on her. Now I have problems trying to get her to slow down. No more pain, and a very happy girl (and Momma). What a life changer! Thank You”

Miss Beauty’s Mom


“This is Miss Beauty in her brand new wiggleless! Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service and support. This is the first time she’s been out of her kennel and on the couch (with help, of course!!) in two weeks and she is in heaven! She still doesn’t have feeling in her back legs, but I am hoping the support of her new brace will aide in her recovery!

Tegan’s mom


“Thank you so much for the wonderful product. Tegan was diagnosed in July with IVDD. He is an eight years old dachshund. I had been making sure he didn’t do any stair climbing and rough housing. Just this past week he had another bad episode where he was walking like he was drunk, and shuffling his back legs, one worse than the other. My vet wants to treat medically so he has been on medication which has helped. I happened to see this product on line and decided to purchase it for him. It came this week and I am so happy that he is able to move around now without shuffling and the arch in his back is almost gone. He is happy and playing. He has no problem wearing it. I have four other dachshunds and hopefully they won’t have to suffer the same disease, but if so I know I can always use this product for a better quality of life.”

Tadji’s mom


“The brace arrived in today’s mail and we tried it on. It fits pretty well. I left it a little loose so that Tadji can get used to wearing it. Already it helps his walking and ability to stand—he was beginning to show signs of paralysis. With some new medications, the acupuncture, and the brace, his vet is charting a course to regaining improved function, but it will take time. I gave her the info on the brace, as she has more clients who perhaps could use it. Sigh of relief. Best regards.”

Max’s mom

Max’s mom

“It is seven weeks since Max had his back operation and I was told about your back brace by a fellow group member here in Australia. Max is getting used to wearing his new WiggleLess Dog Back Brace and is improving in leaps and bounds. Thank you for a wonderful product!”

Bensen’s mom

Beagle Mix

This is Benson. He is our 6 1/2 year old Beagle mix. He has a history of ruptured disks (this is his 3rd episode), and this time he has temporarily lost movement in his back legs. As you can imagine we were scared to death to move him at all for fear of permanently paralyzing him. Thankfully, our vet had seen your WiggleLess Back Braces online and had me order one for him. It is still early in his recovery process, so he still doesn’t have movement in his back legs, but he is improving. Now that he has his new back brace, we can carry him outside for short periods of time, without the fear of hurting his back any worse. We spent an hour laying in the yard yesterday and you wouldn’t believe how his spirits were lifted. Your company is the only one that makes a back brace large enough for him. He is approximately 40 pounds and wears the large long. Thank you so much for providing a product for larger dogs. They injure their backs too! I will send more pics when he is able to stand on his own!

Zaar’s mom


“Just received Zaar-dog’s back brace. Instant improvement! Money well spent!”

Piccalo’s mom

Shih Tzu blend

“Hello, here is Piccolo in his back brace. He certainly doesn’t mind it at all. Piccolo suffers from terrible IVDD. I took him to the vet yesterday with his brace on. She said she isn’t normally a fan of dog braces but really really like this one. He has shown great improvement in his mobility since wearing the brace. I cannot thank you enough!!!”

Customer Testimonial


“Hello!  Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!  My Peke injured his back and was put on kennel rest.  After completing 1.5 weeks on rest, I wanted to start rehabilitating his hind leg movement and WiggleLess has proved invaluable!  Gone is his confusion at his hind legs’ inability to cooperate and he is back to his happy, active  self with about 95% of his movement restored!Thank you!  Love and respect animals!”

Buddy’s mom

Cocker Spaniel

“Wiggleless has been such a big help for Buddy after his back surgery. With the Wiggleless dog back brace he is having a speedy recovery. We’re so happy with his improvement thanks to Wiggleless!”

Jasmine’s mom


“Jasmine loves her WiggleLess brace! She walks around with such confidence and comfort. She had a ruptured disk and we opted for conservative therapy (meds and rest) instead of surgery. Five months later she has improved 100% and now wears her brace for added security. Thank you, WiggleLess!”

The Mayo’s

Beagle Mix

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Dear Lisa and all of the family at WiggleLess back brace for dogs. We wish to send you a BIG THANK YOU” to everyone for this amazing brace! It has been a true blessing for our Maggie! She’s a much happier pup and feeling like herself (at last!). We are getting some of those candid pictures for you. Maggie is camera shy…Thank you again so much for all the work you do, for our beloved “furry people!” Sincerely, The Mayo Family and of course, Maggie!

Katie Sanders


“I just wanted to let you know that the new dog back brace fits perfect and I just cannot believe the improvement in my dog. She wasn’t crying in pain or shaking anymore just after one day of use and after about a week she seems to be back to her old self!  I can’t thank you enough. I’ve already told one co-worker with a dachshund that has a back problem about the Wiggleless and I will be telling my vet about it the next time we are in.  Thanks so much!” Katie Sanders

Judi Ragnarsson


“We received our WiggleLess dog back brace for our little Gizmo. We recently discovered that he has a curve in his spine that is causing his back legs to give out and he no longer keeps his tail up. He does NOT like to wear anything- so I didn’t think he would like the vest. Well, quite the contrary!!! He hasn’t acted irritated by the vest- and he even sleeps with it! It’s helping him walk and he even runs around occasionally! It’s clear that it is helping him! Thank you so much – our dogs mean the world to us! Gizmo still acts like a puppy even though his back and legs don’t agree. We were so excited to discover the vest. He’s also going to acupuncture but hasn’t gone in a month- so we KNOW that the vest is really making a difference:)” Judi Ragnarsson

Sadie’s mom

Cocker Spaniel

“Sadie does not mind the WiggleLess brace at all, I told her how pretty she looked! She can go up and down the stairs, and jump up on the bed. It just keeps her a little less rambunctious. That is all we think we need to help her heal.It seems that every other week she goes off on a run like crazy zigzagging around— then the next day she is in pain. It is so hard to keep her quiet. We then have to give her prednisone and pain pills for a couple of days. I don’t like to give her all that medication. I hope this works. She is only two and a half. And she has such a good personally. She loves people, kids, and other animals. She is too young for this. I will keep you updated on how it is working. Thank you again!”

Missy’s mom


“Missy is nine years old and recently had open heart surgery. She will need surgery on her spine as well but we are trying to get 12 months between heart and spine surgeries. In the meantime she wears her brace to assist her walking and it is very successful. Love the results I get when I wear my back brace! Thanks, WiggleLess!”

Luke’s mom


“Your back brace is amazing! During a loud storm Luke stopped shaking the moment I put it on him! Thank you so much.” Please read the review and see for yourself how Luke has been helped when wearing a WiggleLess.

Ella’s mom

Min Pin

“Ella’s story as told by Stephanie, my daughter who lives in Geelong Australia—I got up to take Ella (Miniature Pinscher, MinPin) to do her business and her back legs didn’t work. She couldn’t walk and sat down wherever I placed her. It looked like she was paralyzed. I rushed her to our vet who told me that she might have a herniated disc which was putting pressure on her spinal cord and stopping the signals from reaching her legs. She did an X-ray and noticed two vertebrae that had a smaller gap between them than the others and suspected this was causing the paralysis. She said that Ella might need spinal surgery which would cost around $6000. However, the surgery would only correct the vertebrae that was causing the issue and it was possible that the same problem could occur further along her spine and more surgery would be required.

The vet sought a second opinion from the experts at the vet hospital who informed us that the scan was ‘inconclusive’ stating that the X-ray taken shows nothing that would be contributing to Ella’s lack of leg use. They said that it looked like a perfect spinal X-ray for a 10 year old dog with natural deterioration. No tumor, no bulging/herniated disc, no butterfly vertebrae. So, the next step was to give Ella 6 weeks of ‘cage rest’ which only allowed her to get up and move for 2 x 4 minutes session in a day to eat and go to the toilet. Considering that Ella is already the most sedentary dog on the planet, we thought a cage was overkill and have given her a box with her sleeping bag in it that she stays in all day and has the freedom to get up when she wishes. We are one week on from the initial scare and she has made a remarkable recovery. Her legs are working, not as well as they were, she still can’t run, but she can walk around, take herself to do her business, stand at her food bowl and follow me around. This all happened without any medication, however, the vet suggested we try Ella on anti-inflammatory pills to see if they improved her movement any further. She has been taking the medication for two days and is improving in leaps and bounds however, I am concerned that she may have a false sense of security because of it and we are still encouraging her to sit and rest. I noticed that when she does try to run a little bit her hind legs don’t follow directly behind her front legs, like she is running sideways like crab, this must be due to the deterioration of that part of the spine that caused the original paralysis.

I wanted to limit Ella’s spinal movement to prevent her from causing further injury so I started looking into doggy back braces and located a 100% vet approved supplier in the US, Wiggleless and they ship to Australia! But even better, my Dad lives in the US and was coming out to visit soon. So I asked my Dad to order the brace and sent him measurements for Ella as per the instruction video on the Wiggleless webite. It has been a stressful period of time but Dad came through and brought Ella’s Wiggleless brace with him when he arrived.

We put the Wiggleless brace on Ella as soon as we got home. After a few adjustments to compensate for the tapering of her body I could see it gave her great support. Ella was a little bit unsure at first then we took her for a walk and she took to the Wiggleless brace with confidence. I can tell that it has alleviated some of the pain because she runs along quite well now for longer distances and appears to be back to her younger self. I can see when she runs that the Wiggleless brace holds her hind legs more directly behind her front legs, there is still a slight bit of sideways movement but it is now well controlled is no where near as pronounced as before the brace!

Thanks Wiggleless you have extended Ella’s quality of life in her twilight years and brought much happiness and relief to the whole family!
Geelong, Australia

Comment from Dad re the Wiggleless Brace and Ella
This is a story with a happy ending thankfully! After Stephanie contacted me and told me about Ella’s condition and the Wiggleless brace I contacted Wiggleless via the online form on the website. A day later I got a call from Lisa the inventor of the Wiggleless brace and founder of the company. Lisa asked me about Ella, her breed of dog, shape of her body etc. We discussed Ella’s measurements, how she was on the border line between sizes, which size brace and accessory would be most suitable and how to fit the Wiggleless brace to accommodate Ella’s tapered body. It was a great conversation and I certainly appreciated the call, the concern, and the customer focus. I ended up deciding on the Wiggleless Small Reg, and also ordered the Wiggleless X-Strip a 4″ a velcro accessory which gives the brace some extra flexibility in fitting Ella’s tapered contour.

I ordered the Wiggleless brace and X-Strip directly from Lisa while we were talking on the phone. The brace arrived in three days, which was plenty of time before I flew to Australia! The Wiggless brace fitted perfectly and bore positive results immediately in the way that Ella moved! It was obvious to me that within a minute or so Ella was more energetic and happier I think the Wiggleless brace has alleviated much of her back pain. We could not be happier to bring quality of life back to Ella a much loved member of the family. Thanks Lisa and the Wiggleless team we really appreciate your product, service, and your care and concern.
Kind Regards,
Washington DC”