Back Braces

Maximize your dog's life and reduce their pain!

"Thank you for giving me more time with my babies."

-Trisha Lee

"Now I have problems trying to get her to slow down."

-Abisha's Mom

"She walks around with such confidence and comfort."

-Jasmine's Mom

"I finally feel like we are on the road to recovery"

-Milo's Mom

"I feel like they are little miracles for our fur babies!"

-Terrier's Mom

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Your Dog Shouldn't Have To "Tough It Out"

Just because your dog is aging doesn't mean they have to live in pain. Wouldn't it be nice to boost their health with some holistic treatment as well?

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Cryo Therapy Solutions

Cooling and Massage to help sooth pain from post-op and sports trauma



Sweet Mix

I can't thank you enough. You literally saved Tippy's life. Thank you just doesn't convey how much we appreicate all that you did for our family. If it weren't for you and your brace we would've had no other choice but to put Tippy down. Thank you so much for giving us more time with our sweet boy!

- Tippy's Mom

Long Haired Dachshund

My twelve year old, Oliver, is getting a little wobbly in the hind end. I bought him a WiggleLess brace to give him support. He's adjusting to it well, and it gives me peace of mind.

- Oliver's Mom


Bella is doing great! The brace keeps her from twisting her spine and jumping every time she sees somebody. She adapted to her brace immediately. So far we are very happy! Thank you!

- Bella's Mom

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