Lisa’s Story

Lisa’s Story, Founder and Creator of WiggleLess® Back Brace For Dogs

Back Brace for Dogs

June and Henry wearing their WiggleLess® Back Brace for Dogs

Lisa, a registered yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, public speaker,  ordained minister, and breast cancer survivor,  is passionate about living a full and rewarding life. Her many vocations are fueled by one purpose: to inspire others to live a high quality of life no matter what their circumstances may be. And that purpose to inspire others encompasses her pets, in fact all animals on earth!

Lisa shares her home with her husband, two daughters (when they are visiting), four chickens, and three spunky, adopted dogs, Ryder (Cocker Spaniel), LaVerne (Schnauzer/Doxie mix), and Chai (Doxie/Jack russell mix). They joined the family from the local Humane Society when both of the family’s mini longhaired dachshunds, June and Henry, passed on.

June had been Lisa’s inspiration for creating WiggleLess® back brace for dogs. When June was just two years old she began to have back problems—horrendous back problems that resulted in emergency room visits, strong medication and complete crate rest.

“I was angry,” says Lisa remembering confining her rambunctious June to prison. “I was shocked to learn that June had intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), and that her quality of life could be compromised forever. The thought of her having back surgery or living with doggy wheels if her spine was compromised truly worried me.”

Nursing June through two long back injury recoveries, gave Lisa the opportunity to put her many skills and life experience to effective use. She had always felt a special kinship with animals and had been trained in animal massage therapy as well as animal communication. “I’ve had back issues myself and they always flare up at the most inopportune times,” says Lisa. “I could relate to what poor June was enduring.” I knew she needed more than strong medication and crate rest—it simply wasn’t enough.

Lisa recalled how a back brace had supported her when she had thrown out her back grooming a horse. She immediately searched the marketplace for canine back support, but found no back brace for dogs available. With the help of a handy seamstress, Lisa designed a dog back brace to support her dachshund’s torso and lengthy spine. June wore the dog back brace throughout her recovery from her second back injury and it prevented her from twisting and wiggling. She recovered fully, but her back remained compromised. “June wore her WiggleLess® dog back brace nearly every day until cancer caught up with her —and as a matter of fact, so did Henry,” says Lisa.

Today, Lisa is extra busy overseeing the production of WiggleLess® back brace for dogs. “It all comes down to quality of life for you and your pet,” says Lisa. “I loved June and Henry in the same intense way that you love your dog. I refused to watch June suffer. I created WiggleLess® dog back brace so that she could live a fulfilling life. My mission is to provide you and your dog the same comfortable support and the accompanying peace of mind.”

And what about Ryder, LaVerne, and Chai you might ask? Why they love their WiggleLess® dog back brace whenever they’ve overdone the fun and end up with an aching back!

In Loving Memory of June (2004-2011) and Henry (2001-2012)

Our Wiggleless® Angels!

Back Brace for Dogs

We want to help other dogs who suffer from dog back pain!



Chai, LaVerne and Ryder wear their WiggleLess® dog back braces whenever they’ve overdone the fun!

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