Your Pet’s Immune System

Your Pet’s Immune System

This time of year, we have to be extra mindful of your pet’s immune system. Those extra holiday treats have possibly added a few inches to Fido’s waistline, as well as ours, and we aren’t the only ones who can catch a sneeze or cough when the winter winds blow.

To keep your pet’s immune system in flu-fighting condition, you need to pay attention to your vet’s recommendations, as well as apply a few common household tips but be sure to get your vet’s recommendations before trying anything new, as every pet’s system is unique!:

  • Feed a balanced, species-appropriate diet to ensure the immune system is healthy. In other words, don’t be giving your dog cat food, human food, or bird food. A high quality grain free dog food.
  • Avoid unnecessary vaccinations and overuse of veterinary drugs and chemical parasite and pest preventives.
  • Reduce the environmental toxins your dog is exposed to, which will in turn lesson his toxic burden and biological stress.
  • Talk to your holistic vet about natural immune boosters like turmeric, oregano and fresh garlic, as well as useful herbs and diffusing virus-fighting essential oils to support the immune system. Even a few drops of Apple Cider Vinegar can do wonders for us humans, as well as our furry friends.

Keeping them active is also very important, not only to reduce boredom but also to ensure a healthy body condition and optimal health. Just as it is easy for us to become a bit inactive when it’s cold outside, our pups will follow our lead, so be sure to keep a list of activities close at hand for all of your little ones.

  • Take a walk but be sure short-haired dogs wear a coat and if you live in the city or near sidewalks, keep in mind that some are treated with salt or chemicals to prevent ice, which can be harmful to your dog. So use booties, or non-slip socks, or rinse those paws once you come inside.
  • Use treat-dispensing toys or play a game of hide and seek using her treats and food to keep her mind alert.
  • Practice new dog tricks, like stay and sit, or grab a feather toy and watch them run and jump to chase it down!
  • Find an agility class or doggie day care nearby where your pup can release some of that pent up energy with his mates.

Most importantly, spend time with them—even a quick car ride (my dogs LOVE to go on errands with me) to get them out of the confines of your home will do wonders for their spirits. Trust me, those little cold noses will thank you!



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