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Why You May Need Non Slip Socks for Your Dog

If you have an aging dog or a pup that needs extra traction around the house, non slip dog socks can be a great way to ensure stable footing when they're running, playing or doing just about anything. Not only are they cute, but dog socks that are non slip are an ideal way to add grip and sure-footedness to your dog's activities, and that can help them stay active when they may be avoiding it for some reason.

Whether your dog needs non slip socks for added grip where there might not be enough or if you just like the look, there are more benefits to dog socks that stay on even under the most rigorous play or activities. After all, we know how it is to have to constantly pull those socks back on -- or to find them after they've been curiously discarded somewhere -- and it all starts with the best non slip dog socks you can find.

Here are some more reasons why you may need non slip socks for your dog.

Enhance Traction

Outside, soft grass, dirt and pavement provide plenty of grip. But indoors, hardwood floors, tile and other surfaces can make it difficult for your pup to maintain their balance and traction, especially when they run or play. With a slippery enough surface or a dog that throws caution to the wind each time they move, that can mean damage to your decor or furniture as they struggle to stay upright.

However, with non slip dog socks, your pup will maintain their traction when it matters most, helping to keep them upright and away from the dangers of running into or slamming into various things in your home. That can help avoid costly vet bills or repairs if an expensive accent piece falls to the floor, and it can also help take some of the pressure to stay balanced from your dog itself.

Protect Your Surfaces

In addition to giving better traction to your canine, dog socks are also ideal for hardwood floors and other surfaces that don't do well with the scratching and other abrasions that are inevitable with a dog in the home. If you've just put in new hardwood floors or expensive tiles, it may only take a few days for your dog to do a number on all that work, not to mention the time that it takes to get those repairs done.

Instead, with non slip dog socks on your pup's paws, you won't have to worry at all about all that damage and danger. Your impeccable floors will remain so while your dog gets the traction they need to stay upright and avoid any hazardous mishaps. No matter what kind of floor you have, socks on your dog's feet will prevent their claws from scratching up your surfaces, and that can make it an easy solution to a difficult problem.

Help Heal Wounds

For dogs that are recovering from a wound or some kind of surgery, non slip dog socks can help protect their sensitive paws from further damage or issues during healing. That can help reduce recovery time, as well as giving your pup a line of protection against further injury during those crucial initial healing days and weeks. 

Furthermore, non slip dog socks can reduce the licking and other irritation that would occur if your dog is given unfettered access to their damaged paws, further helping to ensure that your dog's feet are safe from all the things that could cause infection or other issues. And when it comes to the vet bill, that can be worth far more than the negligible cost of protective socks.

Keep Paws Warm (Or Cool)

In the winter months, the cold weather (and cold surfaces) can do a number on your dog's paws, leading them to feel even colder than the weather suggests. Outside, snow, ice and other dangers can lead to accidents, even if temperature isn't an issue. But with non slip dog socks, your dog will be able to confidently deal with the weather and any slick surfaces.

But it's not all about the colder months. In the summer, the hot sun can raise the surface temperature of sidewalks and asphalt to a point where it can lead to surface burns or uncomfortable episodes on those dog walks or other time outside. With non slip dog socks, your pup's paws will remain comfortable even if the ground surface temp is borderline scalding.

The Best Non Slip Dog Socks

Here at Wiggleless, we carry the best non slip dog socks that money can buy. They come in four convenient sizes to fit the paws of your pup, and they're great at helping to maintain balance and grip on even the slickest of surfaces. The best part is that they're also cute and fashionable, and that's much better than dog socks that may do the rest but that are uncomfortable and ugly when they're worn. Get your dog non slip socks today!

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