Natural Remedies for Dogs

Natural Remedies for Dogs

I am a sucker for quick tips that minimize my weekly grind and a firm believer in the four-hour work week (if at all possible), which hasn’t been lately, I’m afraid.

Whether it is shaving an hour off my daily household chores or finding a back-road leading me through a maze of LA traffic. Being a mom with a mile long to-do list can be daunting when I have a business to run!

I also like to apply quick tips when it comes to managing my pups from time to time. So, when I come across natural remedies and solutions that work, I like to take note.  Here are a few of my favorites for dogs:

Cure Constipation (Naturally): I’ve discussed the benefits of pumpkin in some of my other blogs but did you know that a bowl of milk twice a day (or 1/8 cup for every 10 lbs) will act as a mild laxative? Because your pup is lactose intolerant—a small amount can lead to a welcome release.

Stop Begging!: Keep a container of a food handy that Sammy doesn’t like (spinach anyone?). When he starts to beg during your family meal, toss him a piece of this undesirable treat. Once he realizes that’s the only thing coming his way… he’ll give up. Trust me.

Cure the Sniffles (Naturally): Pour ½ cup of boiling water over some dried sage and steep for a few minutes. Once cool, pour over your pet’s wet food. Sage has antiseptic properties which will clear up that congestion fast.

De-skunked!: Have a pup that likes to pick fights with his black and white striped friends? Mix together:  1 QT hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda and 1 tsp liquid soap- wet, lather, and rinse. Whew, your pooch will be odor free.

Lick and Lather:  At bath time, try smearing peanut butter or squeeze cheese onto the tile so your little guy will be happily occupied while you suds him up.

Rainy Days: Be sure to keep a towel and some baby wipes near your entrance so you can wipe down those muddy paws and don’t forget— if you rub your baby with a dryer sheet, it will leave them smelling fresh as a daisy.

Purple Pleasure: Use lavender essential oil for everything. It soothes the central nervous system (for you and your pooch!) and applied regularly between your dog’s shoulder blades, it can keep fleas and ticks at bay.

Toss in the Toys: Throw your dog’s toys in the washing machine every so often to keep them germ-free.  Use a garment bag and some dog-safe detergent and they will be (almost) like new.




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