How to Boost Your Dog's Immune System with Nutritional Supplements

How to Boost Your Dog's Immune System with Nutritional Supplements

Pet owners are becoming increasingly conscious of what is in commercial products. But even with homemade diets, your dog may benefit from supplements. In this article, you can find tips on incorporating nutritional formulations to boost your pet's immune.

Include Antioxidant Supplements in the Diet

Your pup needs a balanced diet to be happy and healthy. A dog's meal should have protein, carbohydrates, and fats. However, vitamins and minerals are equally beneficial, but they are often absent in most pet products.

Vitamins are critical for cell formation and are essential immune support for dogs. Dog food products may contain specially-made formulations containing a balanced diet.

However, you should pick the right food for the breed and its stage of growth. A homemade diet will also require supplementation.

Fish Oil for a Healthy Coat

Canines can benefit from fish oil supplements in their diet. They have Omega 3 fatty acid, which facilitates the healthy growth of the body and brain.

Fish oil can also act as a natural immune booster for dogs. It can support the healthy development of the skin, fur, and joints.

Probiotics for the Gut and Immune System

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that have a positive effect on the gut. These bacteria improve digestion and facilitate the absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body. Probiotics can improve the immune system and reduce the risk of allergies

Sources can range from yogurt and Kefir but must include live cultures. Some dog food products may have significant quantities of probiotics. But unfortunately, healthy bacteria may become inactive after going through industrial processes.

You should make a point of including probiotics in your pet's meal. The best way to supplement probiotics is with soft, tasty treats.

Boswellia Extract for Joint Health

Statistics show osteoarthritis affects two in ten dogs over the age of one. You may not realize their pup has a bone disorder. Pet owners may dismiss symptoms, like limping or lethargy, as a sign of old age. While age can increase the likelihood of joint conditions, your dog may be more susceptible due to different factors.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs include:

  1. Reluctance to play
  2. Loss of muscle mass and weight gain
  3. Wincing in pain when touched
  4. Struggles to take a posture when urinating or defecating

Boswellia resin is one of the supplements you should consider for your dog's bone health. Clinical trials show that it can reduce joint inflammation and restore mobility. The resin can also address gut and irritable bowel problems.

Use Supplements with Moderation

Supplements can increase the nutrient value of your canine's food. But it is always advisable to avoid over-supplementation.

Dogs will have varying nutritional needs, depending on their stage of growth and breed. Some formulations can have adverse effects on your dog. Consider consulting your vet when in doubt.


A balanced diet is the surest way to boost your dog's immune. But your dog needs nutritional supplements to address deficiencies in commercial and homemade food. You can visit our website for an all-natural formulation to boost your dog's immune system.

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