Dog Obesity


Dog Obesity is on the rise and creates severe health issues. We know someone who loves her dog so much she thinks she is being a good dog owner by feeding her dog things like spam and cheese every day for meals. You guys think you are treating us dogs to nice things when actually you are causing us harm.
Studies have shown that about 40% of America’s dogs and cats are overweight or obese and this is NOT doing us dogs or cats a favor. Obesity is NOT healthy in any way. It causes undo stresses to our bodies and may be the cause of many diseases. Be vigilant of what you feed us and don’t think we will be “mad at you” or love you less if you don’t give us table scraps or human food.
Rather than being the good friend you intend, you are actually causing us harm by allowing us to eat these things. Exercise us, have us eat right, and give us lot’s of love and care. These are the best things any of you can offer us! And we will love you even MORE for it!

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