5 Ways to Help Your Dog with Back Pain

5 Ways to Help Your Dog with Back Pain

As a pet owner it can be troubling to see your pet dog in pain. Back pain especially can be a debilitating condition impairing mobility, whether it is on account of advancing age, arthritis, other chronic conditions, or overexertion. The common indicators that your dog is experiencing back trouble are a sudden lack of enthusiasm in games or activities they once enjoyed. In some extreme cases back pain may also impact their ability to move or worse, even stand.

Breeds that are susceptible to back conditions include American Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Bulldog, Pug, Poodle, and Scottish Terrier. But of course even dogs that do not belong to these breeds may experience back trouble due to varied reasons. Depending on your dog’s specific situation, they may require one or a combination of treatments such as, weight loss, dog back brace, medicines, or massage.

5 Tips for Easing Your Pet Dog’s Back Troubles 

Back pain can cause your energetic and enthusiastic pet that was once prone to racing or bounding off in your yard, to lie still in a corner. But there’s no reason to worry as there are several potential solutions for helping improve your dog’s quality of life. Wiggleless offers 5 potential solutions for facilitating recovery and mobility while mitigating your beloved pet’s back pain. 

1. Support their Walkability with Simple Measures

Dogs can have a hard time walking on slick, smooth surfaces such as, tiles or hardwood floors especially if they’re facing back issues. The simplest and most effective way to lend them support so they can carry on their day-to-day activities without discomfort is by providing a paw grip. Non skid or anti slip socks like Power Paws Reinforced Foot that offer a firm grip can help ease their mobility both indoors and outdoors.

While carpets and rubber mats can help provide traction too, they don’t offer a practical solution as they can help enhance movement only in certain parts of the house or at best indoors. Another advantage offered by our anti slip dog booties is that they work both indoors and outdoors - get a separate pair for inside and outside use so your pet doesn’t carry home the dust and grime from the streets. 

2. Ease their Pain and Enhance Mobility with a Dog Back Brace

Back pain may be because of injuries, disease, or simply seniority. Some conditions can be improved with a back brace. Even senior dogs that have a weak spine can benefit from wearing the right dog brace. IVDD is a condition that if ignored, can cause further deterioration. 

However a dog back brace for IVDD support can offer tremendous relief and back stability, improving your best friend’s quality of life. Choose an IVDD dog brace that offers built-in boning for enhanced support. 

3. Help Them Lose Weight 

While weight loss may not seem directly connected to your dog’s back issues, helping your dog lose the extra pounds can offer some amount of relief. A leaner body with less weight to lug around automatically reduces the strain on their back, thereby enhancing mobility as well as pain relief. 

4. Supplement Treatment with Physical Therapy

Besides back braces for dogs, physical therapy under the guidance of a veterinarian can help provide relief especially for specific conditions of the spine. Also consider getting them a crate to sit and lie down in so they don’t feel inclined to jump on bed or couches that are typically situated at a high level. 

5. Consult a Vet for Pain Management Medication

Medication is a natural contender on this list. While you may want to consider reducing your four-legged friend’s dependency on drugs, they can be indispensable in the management of pain. However be sure to check with a vet before administering any pain relieving or other types of drugs.

We hope that with our recommendations, you’re able to offer support and pain relief to your furry friend. Every situation is unique and there may be no one-size fits all approach, so trying a combination of remedies may facilitate optimum healing and support.

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