Comfort & Supplements

Natural supplements to help with pain, inflammation and internal structural support for your best friend’s joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

Herbal Aspirin™and Inflapotion™

Price: $22.95

Inflapotion™ – HerbAprin™ Combo

A natural herbal remedy that helps stop pain, inflammation and repair tissue at a cellular level.

Price: $47.97

Wag Immune Care Supplement

For the restoration and vitality of your dog’s joints, bones, tendons and ligament

Herbal Aspirin™and Inflapotion™

Price: $49.95


Herbal remedy used to reduce inflammation, repair tissue and relieve discomfort.


Price: $32.95


A natural pain reliever that helps dogs relax, sleep and heal

Vital Pet Sciences – Palmlamide™

Price: $35

Vital Pet Sciences – Palmlamide™

A natural compound that helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain in dogs

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