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1-TDC -- Promotes Healthy Inflammation Responses

1-TDC -- Promotes Healthy Inflammation Responses

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Keep your pet Happy, Active & Comfortable from Head-to-Tail with 1-TDC.

This unique supplement is SO effective that it is recommended by TOP Veterinary Experts worldwide to maintain and improve your pet’s health in 4 important areas:

  1.   Oral Health…. Get rid of bad breath and save teeth too!
  2.   Hips & Joints and Muscles…Say goodby to achy, stiff joints and muscles. Get Active Again! 
  3.   Skin & Coat…NO MORE flaky skin, Hello Healthy looking fur! 
  4.   Energy & Recovery…More energy means More playful! 

  • This 4-in-1 cost-effective supplement is SO tasty pets think it is a treat!
  • Keep your pet healthy and save money on vet bills at the same time!
  • Say goodbye to costly supplements that provide only limited results!

Caring for your pets doesn’t sound like a difficult task but knowing which supplements to give them is. Giving your furry friend 1TDC on a regular basis increases their mobility while limiting joint discomfort, it promotes healthy teeth and gums, and it even thickens and shines their coat. The formula starts at the cellular level using a lubricant taken from beef tallow that is turned into a fatty acid complex containing many of the same benefits as glucosamine and fish oil. It reduces inflammation, promotes overall health, and tastes great.

So, what makes this formula different from the rest? The absorption rate. This 1TDC has a five minute absorption rate of 95% of the supplement. That means that discomfort and inflammation nearly disappears within five minutes of taking the supplement. It circulates through the bloodstream while binding to white blood cells and traveling with them to areas of severe inflammation.

One of the reasons why pet parents turn to us is because the formula is made using natural beef ingredients instead of meat flavoring. This means that your pup or cat is not only getting something that is great for their health, they’ll also enjoy eating it. This makes the process easier for you and less stressful for your pet. They won’t even realize they’re getting a supplement, they’ll think you’re giving them a treat.

Quit wasting your money on supplements that don’t work, don’t taste good, and aren’t backed by science. Our 1TDC formula is cost-effective, delicious, and it works quickly to reduce inflammation and bring your furry friend back to their glory days.

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