Directions For Use

Ease Your Dog Into Wearing the Brace

WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace is designed to stabilize the spinal column, curtail twisting, relieve stress, and provide comfortable, firm, back support. Dogs come in different shapes and sizes and they all have different personalities. Introduce your dog gradually to the brace. Calmly fit the brace on your dog, perhaps offering a treat before, during or after wear. Have patience and praise your dog, especially if your dog has never worn a garment before.

WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace consists of two pieces and ships fully assembled.

Dog Brace Diagram for dog back pain dachshund back bulldog back beagle back pug back

Step One

Stand dog on a flat surface. Detach one side of STRAPS, open red COLLAR and CHEST STRAP. Place BRACE over dog and line up red webbing with spine.

Step Two

Adjust COLLAR, place CHEST STRAP between neck and COLLAR then buckle COLLAR. Pull detached STRAPS under dog and attach to velcro on opposite side of brace.

Step Three

Re-adjust COLLAR if needed and re-adjust all STRAPS making sure they are even on both sides. Pull CHEST STRAP back between front legs and attach to velcro on CHEST STRAP.

Step Four

All STRAPS should be snug for firm support but not too tight. Dogs must be comfortable with all movements. STRAPS should not prevent dogs from “doing their business.”


You can use your dog’s collar or the WiggleLess Dog Back Brace's built-in 'D' Ring during walks. WiggleLess also carries the comfortable, “Sporn non-pull harness,” for dogs that require a moderate, gentle pace—without straining the neck.


WiggleLess® Dog Back Brace is made of durable, lightweight, breathable materials. Clean your brace with a clean damp sponge or cloth and dry flat (machine washing not recommended). If needed, use vacuum wand and tweezers to suck up loose hairs and debris from velcro.