About Us

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WiggleLess, LLC

WiggleLess was founded by Lisa Luckenbach after her dachshunds Henry and June were both diagnosed with IVDD (intervertebral disc disease). She designed a brace for them to help stabilize their backs and offer firm support while they were healing and recovering. Read Lisa's StoryJune's IVDD Story and Henry's IVDD Story. After receiving positive feedback from her Veterinarian, coupled with the desire to help other dog’s who suffer from back issues, WiggleLess, LLC was born.

In Gratitude

WiggleLess dog back brace has gone through variations from its original design back in 2009 to arrive at the high quality brace we offer today. We thank veterinarians, our customers and dog owners worldwide for their input over the years. Our desire is to provide you and your dog with the highest quality dog back brace available and other distinctive products to help you help your dog live a high quality life. We are always listening to you.

Mission Statement

WiggleLess is a company devoted to supporting the health and wellbeing of animals. Our mission is to partner with customers, veterinarians, and suppliers around the world - as well as animal shelters, rescue centers, rehabilitation organizations, animal hospitals and our global animal loving community to promote greater awareness of the special bond we share with animals and the importance of caring for them responsibly.

Love and Respect All Animals

  Wiggleless dog back brace,Canine Orthocare,Dogs with IDVD,Back_Bracer.