GingerLead® Sizing

Size Pad Width Adjustability Dog Weight* GingerLead® Pad
MINI 1.5” 28” – 69” Under 15 lbs
SMALL 3.5” 37” – 60” 15 – 45 lbs
MEDIUM 5.5” 38” – 60” 45 – 200 lbs
*Size should be determined by Pad Width and Adjustability Dimensions

How To Determine The Right Size For Your Dog

Pad Width

Measure from the front of the hind legs (in front of the penis for male dogs) towards your dogs chest to determine the support pad width. For barrel chested dogs (i.e. Boxers), measure just the belly area to the base of the rib cage. Downsizing is common with these breeds.

Adjustability Dimensions

Measure starting where the handle of GingerLead will rest in your hand (while you are standing upright), continue under your dog’s belly, up the other side, then back to your hand completing the loop.

Note: Size is determined by Pad Width and Adjusting Dimensions, not the weight of a dog. The Pad Width is the primary difference between the Small and Medium size. Each size is adjustable for dogs low to the ground so the handler may remain upright. Pad Width measurement is the most important to ensure proper fit and maximum comfort.

Still Not Sure? Try The Towel Test

Fold a bath towel to 5.5 inches wide to simulate a medium size pad width, sling it under your dog’s belly (in front of his penis of male dogs) If it seems too big, then re-fold the towel to 3.5 inches wide to simulate a size small pad width. If that’s too big, try our Mini GingerLead. Male Dachshunds typically use the Mini GingerLead with the sling behind their penis. Now you should be able to determine which size is the most comfortable for your dog. Check with your veterinarian if you have any questions about whether GingerLead will fit your dog’s needs based on their health issues.

GingerLead® - Sizing Pad Width

Chest Harness Not IncludedAvailable Here

GingerLead® - Adjustment


    Adjusting the GingerLead

    The GingerLead is adjustable to fit various sizes of dogs and owners.

    Support Pad

    Sliders, attached to the straps on each side of the support pad, allow the straps to be lengthened or shortened. Position the sliders at the same location on each side of the support pad to keep the strap length the same on both sides. The handle moves along one strap. The slider feeds through the handle when needed. Once adjusted, slide the handle to the top.


    Shorten or lengthen the leash through the plastic buckle that attaches to the handle. A strap clip slides along the leash to hold the loose end.

    GingerLead® - Sizing Pad Width

    GingerLead® - Adjustment

    Chest Harness Not Included - Available Here

    GingerLead® - How To Use

    1. Pass the sling under your pet’s belly holding the straps on each side of your dog. The handle should always be on the left side of your pet.

    2. Hold the handle with attached leash on top. The corduroy lining in the handle should be facing down. Align the free strap on the right side of your dog under the handle.

    3. Wrap the handle under and around the free strap and close the ends of the handle together so that the free strap is inside the handle and the leash is on top.

    4. Attach the snap hook from the leash to your dog's collar or a standard chest harness. Now you're ready to go!

    IMPORTANT: Always follow any instructions from your veterinarian for your dog's specific condition.


    WiggleLess wants the best for you and your dog. If for any reason GingerLead is not the right product for you or your dog, return it within 14 days of delivery and we will refund the purchase price less any shipping and handling charges. In order to receive your refund, all components must be returned undamaged. WiggleLess does not pay return shipping charges. Returns received after 14 days are not eligible for a refund and will be returned at the customer's expense or donated to a rescue shelter.

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