Jasmine’s mom (Dachshund)
“Jasmine loves her WiggleLess brace! She walks around with such confidence and comfort. She had a ruptured disk and we opted for conservative therapy (meds and rest) instead of surgery. Five months later she has improved 100% and now wears her brace for added security. Thank you, WiggleLess!”

Dachshund Back Brace

Sadie’s mom (Cocker Spaniel)
“Sadie does not mind the WiggleLess brace at all, I told her how pretty she looked! She can go up and down the stairs, and jump up on the bed. It just keeps her a little less rambunctious. That is all we think we need to help her heal.It seems that every other week she goes off on a run like crazy zigzagging around— then the next day she is in pain. It is so hard to keep her quiet. We then have to give her prednisone and pain pills for a couple of days. I don’t like to give her all that medication. I hope this works. She is only two and a half. And she has such a good personally. She loves people, kids, and other animals. She is too young for this. I will keep you updated on how it is working. Thank you again!”

Cocker Spaniel Back Brace

Missy’s mom (Pug)
“Missy is nine years old and recently had open heart surgery. She will need surgery on her spine as well but we are trying to get 12 months between heart and spine surgeries. In the meantime she wears her brace to assist her walking and it is very successful. Love the results I get when I wear my back brace! Thanks, WiggleLess!”

pug back brace

I’m doing good in my WiggleLess!

Luke’s mom (Dachshund)
“Your back brace is amazing! During a loud storm Luke stopped shaking the moment I put it on him! Thank you so much.” Please read the review and see for yourself how Luke has been helped when wearing a WiggleLess.


Dachshund-Luke-Wearing-Wigg-400x225 dachshund back brace

Ella’s mom (Min Pin)
“Ella’s story as told by Stephanie, my daughter who lives in Geelong Australia—I got up to take Ella (Miniature Pinscher, MinPin) to do her business and her back legs didn’t work. She couldn’t walk and sat down wherever I placed her. It looked like she was paralyzed. I rushed her to our vet who told me that she might have a herniated disc which was putting pressure on her spinal cord and stopping the signals from reaching her legs. She did an X-ray and noticed two vertebrae that had a smaller gap between them than the others and suspected this was causing the paralysis. She said that Ella might need spinal surgery which would cost around $6000. However, the surgery would only correct the vertebrae that was causing the issue and it was possible that the same problem could occur further along her spine and more surgery would be required.

The vet sought a second opinion from the experts at the vet hospital who informed us that the scan was ‘inconclusive’ stating that the X-ray taken shows nothing that would be contributing to Ella’s lack of leg use. They said that it looked like a perfect spinal X-ray for a 10 year old dog with natural deterioration. No tumor, no bulging/herniated disc, no butterfly vertebrae. So, the next step was to give Ella 6 weeks of ‘cage rest’ which only allowed her to get up and move for 2 x 4 minutes session in a day to eat and go to the toilet. Considering that Ella is already the most sedentary dog on the planet, we thought a cage was overkill and have given her a box with her sleeping bag in it that she stays in all day and has the freedom to get up when she wishes. We are one week on from the initial scare and she has made a remarkable recovery. Her legs are working, not as well as they were, she still can’t run, but she can walk around, take herself to do her business, stand at her food bowl and follow me around. This all happened without any medication, however, the vet suggested we try Ella on anti-inflammatory pills to see if they improved her movement any further. She has been taking the medication for two days and is improving in leaps and bounds however, I am concerned that she may have a false sense of security because of it and we are still encouraging her to sit and rest. I noticed that when she does try to run a little bit her hind legs don’t follow directly behind her front legs, like she is running sideways like crab, this must be due to the deterioration of that part of the spine that caused the original paralysis.

I wanted to limit Ella’s spinal movement to prevent her from causing further injury so I started looking into doggy back braces and located a 100% vet approved supplier in the US, Wiggleless and they ship to Australia! But even better, my Dad lives in the US and was coming out to visit soon. So I asked my Dad to order the brace and sent him measurements for Ella as per the instruction video on the Wiggleless webite. It has been a stressful period of time but Dad came through and brought Ella’s Wiggleless brace with him when he arrived.

We put the Wiggleless brace on Ella as soon as we got home. After a few adjustments to compensate for the tapering of her body I could see it gave her great support. Ella was a little bit unsure at first then we took her for a walk and she took to the Wiggleless brace with confidence. I can tell that it has alleviated some of the pain because she runs along quite well now for longer distances and appears to be back to her younger self. I can see when she runs that the Wiggleless brace holds her hind legs more directly behind her front legs, there is still a slight bit of sideways movement but it is now well controlled is no where near as pronounced as before the brace!

Thanks Wiggleless you have extended Ella’s quality of life in her twilight years and brought much happiness and relief to the whole family!
Geelong, Australia

Comment from Dad re the Wiggleless Brace and Ella
This is a story with a happy ending thankfully! After Stephanie contacted me and told me about Ella’s condition and the Wiggleless brace I contacted Wiggleless via the online form on the website. A day later I got a call from Lisa the inventor of the Wiggleless brace and founder of the company. Lisa asked me about Ella, her breed of dog, shape of her body etc. We discussed Ella’s measurements, how she was on the border line between sizes, which size brace and accessory would be most suitable and how to fit the Wiggleless brace to accommodate Ella’s tapered body. It was a great conversation and I certainly appreciated the call, the concern, and the customer focus. I ended up deciding on the Wiggleless Small Reg, and also ordered the Wiggleless X-Strip a 4″ a velcro accessory which gives the brace some extra flexibility in fitting Ella’s tapered contour.

I ordered the Wiggleless brace and X-Strip directly from Lisa while we were talking on the phone. The brace arrived in three days, which was plenty of time before I flew to Australia! The Wiggless brace fitted perfectly and bore positive results immediately in the way that Ella moved! It was obvious to me that within a minute or so Ella was more energetic and happier I think the Wiggleless brace has alleviated much of her back pain. We could not be happier to bring quality of life back to Ella a much loved member of the family. Thanks Lisa and the Wiggleless team we really appreciate your product, service, and your care and concern.
Kind Regards,
Washington DC”

Min Pin back brace IMG_1154_Snapseed IMG_1152_Snapseed IMG_1158_Snapseed IMG_1149_Snapseed IMG_1147_Snapseed


Pandie’s mom (Shih Tzu)
“One of the most important things about IVDD and other back injury recovery is to keep the dog from moving around too much so the spine can heal. Most vets will prescribe complete bed or cage rest, but with a dog who isn’t crate trained and generally wants to be active, this wasn’t as simple of a task as it sounds. That’s when I found WiggleLess back braces and decided to give it a try. I could definitely see the benefits during Pandie’s recovery period. She immediately walked a little stronger and straighter. Most importantly, it kept her from doing any unwanted twisting or movements, and kept her from trying to jump on and off furniture. She also seemed generally more comfortable with it on, and she rested better. That last one could be from the “hugging” effect it gives, much like a compression shirt, but I’ll take that added bonus. Just like with the rear harness, if I notice any back pain or weakness in her legs flaring up, I put on the back brace to avoid exacerbating the injury, and it helps.”

Shih Tzu back brace

Roxy’s mom (Dachshund)
“Roxy feels comfortable in her Wiggleless and still wants to play fetch!”

dachshund back brace

I can still play fetch in my WiggleLess!

Harvey’s mom (Dachshund)
“WiggleLess dog back brace is easy fitting, well tolerated, allows all normal activity (yes, even “doing their business!”) —but it adds support and reminds them to take it easy. …just got back from a 1.5k walk with Harvey running beside us in his brace!”

dog back brace

Feeling real good in my WiggleLess dog back brace

dog back brace

I can still croon like always in my new brace

dog back brace

I am ready to go!

dog back brace

I can still do my personal business in this brace. No movements are obstructed!

Red Dog’s dad (Chow mix)
“Over the years, Red Dog has often had hot spots near the base of her tail.  Standard treatment has been application of topical spray and 24-7 wearing of a cone, usually for at least two weeks.  When Red Dog is wearing a cone, life is absolutely miserable for everybody in our household (Red Dog, her companion, Blue Dog, me, and my wife, Karen).  This is especially so when we all load up in our RV for a road trip (which we are about to do next week).With the alternative of using the WiggleLess Large Long, everybody is very happy and life is absolutely normal. Also, her current hot spot was dried out and beginning to scab. I have to think that the back brace made a difference (she could sometimes “cheat” on the cone, but not with this brace; also, maybe happy dogs heal quicker?)Thank you for your wonderful product.  I am sharing this information with my veterinarians (one of whom originally mentioned the existence of such devices and started me on the search that led to you).”

alternative dog cone

WiggleLess is a comfortable alternative to a dog cone. I can be normal and happy and let my hotspots heal!

alternative dog cone

Dulce’s mom(Lab Mix)
Dulce was found on the streets of Mexico; paralyzed, hungry, thirsty & alone. She now has a wonderful forever home, yet she still needs ongoing care. WiggleLess dog back brace is happy to be part of her healing journey by offering back stability and firm support. Dulce’s mom reports that it has definitely helped with “no twisting” and support. There are other issues being tended to as well with such a hard life on the streets.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.44.53 AM_Snapseed

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.25.52 AM



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