How To Use

Step One

Straddle dog over brace.

Step 2

Step Two

Lift sides and secure evenly around torso.

Step 3

Step Three

Fasten securely, leaving enough space to insert little finger between dog and WiggleLess.

Step 4

Step Four

Secure breastbone strap evenly across chest.

Step 5

Step Five

Brace can be secured at an angle for a tapered fit if needed.


Just as dogs come in different shapes and sizes, they all have different personalities. Introduce your dog gradually to WiggleLess. Have patience and praise your dog, especially if your dog has never worn a garment before. Calmly fit WiggleLess on your dog, perhaps offering a treat before, during or after wear. Praise your dog when wearing a WiggleLess!


We suggest using your dog’s collar or a harness over the brace during walks. WiggleLess carries the comfortable, “Sporn non-pull harness,” for dogs that require a moderate, gentle pace—without straining the neck.

4” X-Strip

When needing to extend the girth (chest) size.

1. Attach X-Strip to edge of vest.
2. Adjust as needed for a good fit.
3. May trim with scissors for a perfect match.
4. It can be sewn on.

4” X-Strip

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