Dog Cone Alternative

Henry needed a DOG CONE ALTERNATIVE when he had stitches in his tail — AS WELL AS A DOG BACK BRACE when he was diagnosed with IVDD.

Dog Back Brace
My mom works hard to help as many dogs as possible!

Henry’s story:

My husband and daughters brought home a little ball of fur while I was going through treatment for breast cancer in 2001. Our golden retriever, Cowboy, was slowing down in years and we thought a puppy would be good energy in our home. We had never had a small dog before! Henry was such a tiny bean next to Cowboy, who Henry soon fell in love with—constantly pulling on Cowboy’s tail, nipping his ears and paws. Cowboy, our big red dog,  remained steadfastly noble. He was patient and kind and eventually he came to love Henry.

When Cowboy eventually died of a blood disease Henry missed him so much—and that’s when June joined our family. Henry, like many dachshund’s, was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) Canine Intervertebral Disc Disease when he was four years old after showing signs and symptoms of back pain. I nursed him back to health several times. He needed more than medication and crate rest. He needed back stability, firm support and stress relief. It wasn’t until he started wearing his WiggleLess® back brace for dogs that he no longer went to the vet for back problems.

Henry also used his WiggleLess® as a dog cone alternative when he had a lump removed from his tail and he was not supposed to aggravate the surgical area. Instead of wearing and awkward cone around his head Henry wore a WiggleLess®.  He was comfortable while healing. WiggleLess® works great as a dog cone alternative for affected / injured areas on the hind end of a dog. The brace has built in boning to curtail twisting and makes it challenging for a dog to lick or aggravate an injury near the tail.

My sweet, sweet Henry passed away in August 2012 from cancer. He was a gentle, sweet soul and will be forever loved and missed by our family. He and June are my WiggleLess® angels and constant source of inspiration!

In Loving Memory of June and Henry

Our WiggleLess® Angels

Dog Cone Alternative

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Dog Cone Alternative

We want to help alleviate the suffering of dogs!

I love you forever June and Henry!

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