1-TDC Promoting Healthy Inflammation Responses in Dogs
1-TDC dosage chart for dogs
1-TDC Bottle Label for Pets
1-TDC Capsule for Periodontal and Joint Health in dogs

1-TDC -- Promotes Healthy Inflammation Responses

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Keep your pet Happy, Active & Comfortable from Head-to-Tail with 1-TDC.

This unique supplement is SO effective that it is recommended by TOP Veterinary Experts worldwide to maintain and improve your pet’s health in 4 important areas:

  1.   Oral Health…. Get rid of bad breath and save teeth too!
  2.   Hips & Joints and Muscles…Say goodby to achy, stiff joints and muscles. Get Active Again! 
  3.   Skin & Coat…NO MORE flaky skin, Hello Healthy looking fur! 
  4.   Energy & Recovery…More energy means More playful! 

  • This 4-in-1 cost-effective supplement is SO tasty pets think it is a treat!
  • Keep your pet healthy and save money on vet bills at the same time!
  • Say goodbye to costly supplements that provide only limited results!