Features of the WiggleLess Back Brace
Blue dog back brace
Charcoal dog back brace
Olive dog back brace
Pink dog back brace
Red Dog Back Brace
Three dogs wearing a WiggleLess Back Brace on the Beach
Before and After of a dog with DM wearing a back brace
Dachshund dog wearing a red back brace
Circumference measurement for WiggleLess Back brace
Length measurement for WiggleLess Back Brace
WiggleLess Back Brace Sizing Chart

WiggleLess Back Brace

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How to measure your dog:

Take these two simple measurements and find your size!

 If your dog is outside these ranges, please contact us and we can make a more custom size.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 101 reviews
    Mighty Mouse’s parent and best friend
    Pek A Poo

    “This is Mighty Mouse, 7 year old Pek A Poo, and my best friend. My Vet set him up with the WiggleLess brace after a rather serious back injury. It has worked SO well! And he actually really likes it! He is on leash restirction in the house so as not to jump on the furniture, but gets some off leash time outside. Wonderful product. We highly recommend it.“

    Myla’s Mom
    Yorkie Mix

    “My 10.5 year old Sissy has been diagnosed with a disc disorder. She has been having problems since Thanksgiving. Lots meds and pain pills. Since she got her Wiggleless she has not had a single episode and we have backed off her pain meds by over half!. She has gotten used to it, just took some time. Thank you so much!“

    Timbit’s Mom

    “Hi Lisa, here is our little Timbit in his new WiggleLess. We got it in record time, thank you. I put it on him everyday for periods of time and walk him in it, he can still walk a bit depending on the day.He is slowly getting used to it more each day, he definitely walks better and straighter in it. He just has a hard time getting up from sitting in it, but that may be him and his condition deterioring. Wiggleless is an awesome product and I love it, it helps me to know his back is more supported and protected. Thanks for your help on sizing, I definitely needed the x-strip for my little puglet lol. Let me know what you think of the pictures k. Oh and he starts rehab hydrotherapy Tues. so we’re excited about that!”

    Abisha’s Mom

    “My sweet girl with her WiggleLess brace. She was in alot of pain until I put the brace on her. Now I have problems trying to get her to slow down. No more pain, and a very happy girl (and Momma). What a life changer! Thank You”

    Myla’s Mom
    Shih Tzu

    I’m sorry for the delay in getting you some pictures. Myla’s back injury has healed remarkably! Thank you for such an incredible product!