Features of the WiggleLess Back Brace
Blue dog back brace
Charcoal dog back brace
Olive dog back brace
Pink dog back brace
Red Dog Back Brace
Three dogs wearing a WiggleLess Back Brace on the Beach
Before and After of a dog with DM wearing a back brace
Dachshund dog wearing a red back brace
Circumference measurement for WiggleLess Back brace
Length measurement for WiggleLess Back Brace
WiggleLess Back Brace Sizing Chart

WiggleLess Back Brace

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How to measure your dog:

Take these two simple measurements and find your size!

If your dog is outside these ranges, please contact us and we can make a custom size.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 115 reviews
    Good product overall

    Good product to get my boy mobile again, I just wish the front part of the harness that goes over their head was a different fabric - it rubbed my boy’s chest raw after only a few days (and it’s all the way loosened on him)

    Amazing product and company!

    I messed up on shipping and I didn’t get it overnighted. Contacted the company and they got back to me immediately.
    Canceled the order, reordered correctly and shipped within minutes.
    I wanted this brace for my girl since she carries the gene for IVDD.
    She’s been having issues but the vet originally said it was arthritis.
    After she got worse rapidly and I found out she had the gene(tested for it), I immediately wanted something to support her spine.
    She’s getting used to it and so far seems to be helping her.

    Thank you so much!

    Romeo’s mom
    Sizing is difficult

    I contacted prior to ordering and ordered the suggested size per his measurements. It’s too long for him and cuts in to him causing chafing. When I noticed this I contacted customer service and was advised to order a custom made size, but they never got back to me when I questioned the ability to return the first one which he wore for about 4 days before noticing the chafing. I can’t afford two of them so I guess I will have to try to customize the one we have. It would have been nice to hear back at least when I inquired about a return.
    On a positive note, it does seem to be helping him.

    Mighty Mouse’s parent and best friend
    Pek A Poo

    “This is Mighty Mouse, 7 year old Pek A Poo, and my best friend. My Vet set him up with the WiggleLess brace after a rather serious back injury. It has worked SO well! And he actually really likes it! He is on leash restirction in the house so as not to jump on the furniture, but gets some off leash time outside. Wonderful product. We highly recommend it.“

    Myla’s Mom
    Yorkie Mix

    “My 10.5 year old Sissy has been diagnosed with a disc disorder. She has been having problems since Thanksgiving. Lots meds and pain pills. Since she got her Wiggleless she has not had a single episode and we have backed off her pain meds by over half!. She has gotten used to it, just took some time. Thank you so much!“