Dog wearing a vest with an Assisi Loop attached
Assisi Loop turned on for PEMF treatment
Diagram showing the treatment area of an Assisi Loop for PEMF treatment

Assisi Loop - Trigger Natural Pain & Inflammation Relief

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If you have a pet struggling with an injury or chronic pain, the first step to helping your furry friend is reducing any pain or inflammation they may be experiencing.

The Assisi Loop is the gateway to healing for your pet.

What is the Assisi Loop?

The A Loop is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical healing device for animals.

How Does the Assisi Loop Work?

This popular healing device uses low-level pulses of PEMF energy – the same energy used by chiropractors to treat humans. In fact, the technology used in the A Loop is the same energy the FDA approved to treat humans. This energy helps medical professionals and veterinarians manage pain and inflammation in patients, human or animal.

The energy also reduces swelling and accelerates your pet’s natural healing process.

The Assisi Loop is used continually by veterinarians and professionals for the following:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain management
  • Integrative/Holistic Healing
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine

What Does the Loop Treat?

The A Loop treats:

  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Post-surgical pain and swelling
  • Neurological issues
  • Wound care
  • Other inflammatory problems

The Assisi Loop also enhances muscle function, increased blood flow, bone healing, blood oxygenation.

This device helps jumpstart your dog’s natural healing responses. It utilizes TPEMF energy. The same energy is used by chiropractors and veterinarians to help manage pain and inflammation. The A Loop uses this energy to help your dog naturally heal.

This device is especially helpful if you have a dog who either cannot chew pills or is resistant to pain pills. Also, if you are worried about your pet’s high level of liver enzymes, the Assisi Loop is the best form of pain relief and rehabilitation for your animal. Treatments last just 15 minutes and can benefit your pet almost instantly. Help your furry friend begin their road to recovery and a life without pain with the Assisi Loop.