VPS Palmlamide for Dogs  (PEA)
VPS Palmlamide for Dogs  (PEA)

VPS Palmlamide for Dogs (PEA)

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Now you can help your dog with PEA, a class of natural compounds which help to regulate natural inflammatory and pain response in mammals. The consumption of Palmlamide or PEA as a supplement has been studied extensively and found to relieve pain and inflammation in several large, randomized controlled clinical trials.

  • Relieves pain in hips and joints
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Relieves skin inflammation
  • Supports a healthy mood state

    Who is PEA for?

    PEA is naturally produced by all mammals and is what is known as a “body’s-own” material. Therefore, any and all mammals may benefit by taking it as a supplement if for any reason their body isn’t able to satisfy its needs for more. As well, because it’s a “body’s-own” material, there are only no known side effects, there have been no known complications from taking it with prescriptions. Dogs, Cats, and Horses, have all been known to benefit from PEA. It’s faintly nutty, the benign flavor makes it ideal for ingesting with food.

    How does PEA work?

    Fat metabolism is central to regulating inflammatory and pain responses. PEA is produced from normal fat metabolism, by an enzyme called fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH). PEA also acts to signal a transcription factor called PPARalpha, which is responsible for a range of activities related to fat metabolism and energy utilization. PPAR-alpha is also an upstream regulator supporting a healthy inflammatory and pain response, like the relief of pain occurring in the hips of many dogs.

    Is PEA Safe?

    As a compound that is created in the body of all mammals, Palmlamide or PEA has a remarkable safety profile. PEA has been studied for more than 30 years in Europe, where it is sold as a food supplement. Thousands of animal and pet subjects, as well as humans, have consumed PEA in peer-reviewed, published, controlled research studies. They have found it to be well tolerated and safe. In clinical studies, PEA has been shown to benefit mammals as it relates to general health and well-being. PEA has also been found to offer protection against tissue inflammation and pain in companion animals, including specifically back pain in dogs and horses suffering from chronic pain and/or inflammations. PEA also offers a therapeutic strategy for the treatment of allergic inflammatory skin diseases in companion animals.



    WiggleLess cares about the health and well-being of your dog and offers the best products available. You can return your unopened PEA within 14 days of purchase along with your original receipt for a refund. Unfortunately, WiggleLess cannot accept opened PEA and does not pay return shipping charges.

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