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Dogs and Digestion

Your Dogs Digestion

Dogs and Digestion Three Ways to Aid Your Dog’s Digestion As a dog owner, you’ve probably no doubt encountered a pet that just seems to inhale their food. For one reason or another some breeds of dog just can’t eat fast enough and although they may look like they’re enjoying it at the time this behavior may not actually be good for them. Just like us humans, pets who seem …read the full article.

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Shedding Dogs

Shedding Dogs

Shedding Dogs To Shed or not to Shed? Your dog’s coat goes through various stages of growth. The anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen phases. You certainly know your dog’s hair is at the exogen phase when it falls out and you are constantly cleaning it up! But I bet you didn’t know about the other phases of growth… Anagen phase: new hair is growing Catagen phase: hair stops growing once it reaches its …read the full article.

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