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Is Your Dog Bored?

Is Your Dog Bored

IS YOUR DOG BORED? The hustle and bustle of the holidays has come and gone, but even though your daily life seems to be returning back to normal, there may have been one element that fell victim to the holiday madness: your dog. With holiday parties, shopping, traveling and the like—not to mention colder, wetter weather that keeps you indoors more—cutting time out for your pooch was/is probably one of the …read the full article.

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Dog Barking Control — When It Gets Really Annoying

Dog Barking Control

Dog Barking Control   Dog barking control — when it gets really annoying In an apartment building I once lived in, a new neighbor and her dog had recently moved into the apartment across the hall. This feisty little pup was a cute, female Jack Russell Terrier. When at once my sweet snow white schnauzer, Jack, met him, they could barely stay away from each other. Every time my neighbor and I bumped into each other outside, …read the full article.

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