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Puppy Training

puppy training

Early Puppy Training – Breaking Bad Habits by Guest Blogger, Imad LB   In puppies, bad habits are often simply a matter of doing what comes naturally. That’s why it’s hard for the pet owner to recognize the beginning of bad behavior, and even harder to be firm and consistent about correcting it. But those merry little ways can become a pain in the neck all too soon, and it’s …read the full article.

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How To Train Your Dog To Love His Crate

crate training your dog

How to Train Your Dog to Love His Crate A dog crate is similar to a small dog house which is typically made of plastic, metal, wire, or fabric. For a dog owner, a crate is an effective tool to train his pet. It makes housetraining easier for dogs or even for puppies. A crate is a safe place for your dog. He can play or rest in it. But, …read the full article.

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My Puppy Club

Dog tips and advice

My Puppy Club, by Susan Day We all dream of retiring to the country, right? The fresh air, the solitude and the bounties that come from living closer to nature. In 2014, Susan and her family did just that. She left behind a big dog training facility in the city and moved three hours’ drive away. Well, it didn’t take long for word to get around that Susan could train …read the full article.

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Dog Barking Control — When It Gets Really Annoying

Dog Barking Control

Dog Barking Control   Dog barking control — when it gets really annoying In an apartment building I once lived in, a new neighbor and her dog had recently moved into the apartment across the hall. This feisty little pup was a cute, female Jack Russell Terrier. When at once my sweet snow white schnauzer, Jack, met him, they could barely stay away from each other. Every time my neighbor and I bumped into each other outside, …read the full article.

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