Camping With Your Dog

Camping With Your Dog 


camping with your dog


Sure, your dog might not be able to participate in every vacation you have, but, it is definitely easier to take your dog camping than to take him on a road trip to Mexico! Whether it is a small dog (like a Poodle) or a bigger one (such as a Borador), these friendly creatures are sure to enjoy their time outside the usual four walls of a house, jumping and running around in the wilderness.

But, to make sure both of you and your furry best friend have the greatest of time, closely follow these tips. They are a life saver, so you can thank us later!

Find a dog-friendly campsite

camping with your dog

There is nothing worse than arriving at a campsite with your four-legged best friend and being told that he isn’t accepted there. This is why we advise you to make some research before planning your trip, this way you will know where you can and, most importantly, cannot go with your dog.

You can look up dog-friendly campsites all over the world on this website, and make your choice according to your needs, and budget!

Make sure your dog is well behaved

Especially if you don’t want to keep him on a leash 24/7 during your camping trip. Your dog needs to be able to listen to your orders and follow them without you having to repeat yourself. This is not only for your dog’s safety, but also for other campers’ sake since some of them might not be as fond of dogs as you are (I know, unimaginable, but some people are just plain weird).

And, if you’re not sure about how to train your dog for outdoor adventure, check out this guide by the ASPCA, which contains all the information you need for the perfect outdoor training session!

Check in with your vet before going on a camping adventure

camping with your dog

Once you know which campsite you’re going to and have trained your dog to behave in an outdoors environment, it’s time to check in with your best friend’s doctor, the veterinarian. When it comes to your dog’s health, you have to make sure that everything is right where it should be. A pre-trip visit to the veterinarian should make everything clear, and the doctor will let you know if there are any precautions you should take during your camping trip.

Have a pet first-aid kit in case of an emergency

Just like you wouldn’t go camping without your own first-aid kit, a dog first-aid kit is a given when going on an outdoor adventure. Make sure to take everything you’d need. You can either buy one of these first-aid kits in pet stores, or you can assemble one yourself. If you’re going for the second option, follow this guide, and you’ll be sure to have everything on you!

Don’t forget your dog’s water and food bowls

camping with your dog

Try to purchase water and food bowls that are easily portable. This will make things less stressful for you, as well as for your dog. A good choice of bowls would be collapsible ones, since they are light and easy to carry.

Also, don’t forget to bring treats and special dog food with you, since you won’t have the same comfort you have at home, where the pet store or supermarket is just around the corner.

Take the right decision when it comes to sleeping arrangements

camping with your dog

Is your dog going to sleep in your tent? Does he have his own tent? Or is he just going to sleep outside, in the wild? You have to take a decision about this before going camping, this way, you’ll be sure what to do. If you prepare your sleeping arrangements beforehand, you and your dog will both be safe, happy, and comfortable, not only during the night but also during the day.

Finally, some dogs are just not made for camping

Especially aggressive dogs that tend to be violent toward people and/or other animals or dogs. As much as it hurts to say this, an aggressive dog has no place in the wilderness, especially in a campsite where he could hurt children or smaller animals. The best decision would be to leave him home, with a dog-sitter or a friend, and go camping on your own. Sure, it won’t feel good, but many things could go wrong if you take your aggressive dog camping with you.

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