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March 23, 2020

When dogs itch

When Dogs Itch

As we begin to wrap up our Summer fun, it’s important to remember that our pups aren’t out of the red zone just yet when it comes to fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlers.

Skin irritants and hot spots are a real pain to your pup. Did you know a hot spot starts simply because something irritates, itches, or causes inflammation of the dog’s skin?

Your little guy starts trying to scratch his itch by rubbing, licking, biting or chewing the site, which exacerbates the problem and can turn into a real sore.

The most common irritants are fleas and allergies but other problems, such as diet and general grooming, can contribute to the initial irritation, which develops into a hot spot, leading you to the vet.

So, how can you prevent these painful sores from making an unwelcome appearance?

  • Make sure your dog is groomed on a regular basis.

Some of the larger chains offer fabulous packages for primping your pooch. During the holidays, they even offer special fragrances like mint chocolate chip at Christmas or pumpkin pie during Halloween. I’m personally looking forward to snuggling up to the smell of warm sugar cookies in just a few months!

  • Keep your pet’s hair clipped short, especially during warmer months.

I always keep a pair of sheers handy around my house. Sometimes the hair around my babies’ bums can grow a little too long and increase the chance of something sticky getting stuck! So I make sure to trim their special areas when needed in between grooming sessions.

  • Follow a strict flea control program as recommended by your veterinarian.

This is imperative. Create a calendar with all of your pup’s special dates and keep it posted in a common area or in your trusty day planner. Just like your kids, they need to be kept in the loop and you need a reminder too!

  • Maintain a stress-free environment for your pets.

Your dogs are emotional creatures and can feel the ups and downs of your life experiences, good and bad, so be sure to remain cognizant of how your own activities or responses to stress are affecting them.

  • Keep boredom at bay and play, play, play!

Even a few minutes of rolling around on the floor with them and their toys can increase their happiness and sense of wellness. Throw the ball in the backyard a few more times than you’d planned or run a few extra laps down the beach to increase their circulation and yours!

  • Use items that provide additional support.

Ask your vet for recommendations and remember WiggleLess® provides a barrier to hot spots on the back of your dog and/or around the torso.



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