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April 06, 2015

What A Cute Dog!

Have you ever noticed when walking your pup that people are drawn to comment about his or her looks? Before we even greet each other with our traditional ‘hellos’ or ‘how are yous’, we are often exchanging comments like ‘Which breed is she?’ or ‘How old is he?’ or ‘Awww, what a cute dog!’

I am just as guilty as the next person.

Before making introductions on human terms, I am often drawn initially to the person’s dog. It sometimes leads me into meeting someone new but often it is the only exchange we share. After meeting said pooch and allowing mine to sniff for a moment, I often walk on having not even learned the owner’s name! But I certainly remember Daisy or Cooper or Cookie and sometimes say, wasn’t that nice Chai, you met a new friend.

It is also a fascinating truth that we automatically say ‘thank you’ after receiving a comment about how precious our pup is. Sometimes I laugh at myself and think—wait, they weren’t saying that to me! They were saying that to Chai. Does being the owner of Cooper make me cute too? Is that why I said ‘thank you’?

I came across an article the other day asking what does YOUR DOG say about YOU?

It made me reflect on these moments of passing by other dog owners while walking around town or down the beach. It is true that we notice a good match when it happens. A surfer with a big, wet Labrador in tow; a group of teenage girls playing with a tiny Chihuahua; or an elderly man with a cane, walking an equally senior Cavalier.

We spend so much time with our dogs that it is somewhat inevitable that we choose a breed, size or color that matches our taste and lifestyle. So in essence, when someone comments on Pookie’s cute little outfit or hairstyle, they are in some ways giving us a compliment too.

The article went a step further and suggested we may even take on the actual looks and mannerisms of our dogs or adopt the canine that most appeals to our own sensibilities. We may, for instance, be attracted to a tiny dog with a big personality because we ourselves are tiny with a big personality or a dog, which is more athletic and likes to be challenged physically may be our ‘cup of pup,’ because we like to play sports and enjoy pushing our own limits.

Some other examples were:

Working Dogs – Rottweilers, Great Danes, and Boxers are fast learners adventurous and love a challenge! Do you?

HoundsDachshunds, Beagles, and Basset Hounds are calm, cool, and collected and do well under pressure. Called the Rock of the Family, they are said to be dependable. I must say, June and Henry certainly operated very well under the pressure of IVDD and were my rocks to the end!

Sporting Dogs Retrievers, Labs, and Irish Setters are easy-going and laid back. They tend to be very patient, fiercely loyal and make others feel at ease.

Utility DogsBulldogs, Dalmatians, Bichons, and Chow Chows think before they act. Although they have a more dignified manner about them, they love to socialize.

Toy Dogs Yorkies, Pugs, Terriers and Poodles are the life of the party and always ready to make a new friend. Usually with huge outgoing personalities, despite their small statures, they can often think they are the big dogs!

Herding Dogs – German Shepherds, Corgis and Sheepdogs go the extra mile and are eager to please. They are active and highly intelligent and always ready to solve a problem and help.

It is definitely an interesting theory.

So, what about you? When you look at those big brown eyes or soft fluffy curls, do you see yourself staring back?  I must admit, when I gaze at LaVerne sometimes, I can kind of… sort of… see the similarities.


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