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August 08, 2013

Vitamins for dogs

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. I take vitamin supplements for radiant health!

Vitamin Supplements For Dogs

Vitamins are necessary for our optimal health  just as they are for your own health.

Vitamins play an important role in everyday health and most of the daily required vitamins can be found in prepared foods.  When we begin to age our digestive system slows down and consumption of food becomes less than when we were young puppies.  During the mature years of our life it is important to offset the vitamins that we may be lacking from our food and slower absorption of nutrients.

Similar to you guys, we require daily doses of vitamins and nutrients to maintain healthy skin, teeth, muscles and bones as well as aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.  Vitamins also help with mobility and joint care in us mature dogs, as we slow down it is even more important to ensure our bones are healthy.


What Do Certain Vitamins Do?

Vitamin A

Essential for maintaining healthy skin, teeth, muscles and bones.  Vitamin A also promotes good vision, especially night vision and can protect our 4 legged friends from certain forms of cancer.

Vitamin B

Important for neural regeneration and is essential for daily function and healthy growth.

Vitamin C

Produced within the body, when older dogs become stressed their bodies do not produce the required amounts of Vitamin C they need.

Vitamin D

Important for dogs and their bones, nerves and muscles.  Similar to humans, Vitamin D helps to retain calcium which is very important in keeping older dogs and their bone frame strong.

Vitamin E

Many valuable health effects.  Vitamin E maintains healthy cholesterol and can prevent heart conditions and muscle disorders.  Vitamin E is also very beneficial for various skin conditions and acts as an anti-inflammatory.   Older dogs can develop skin conditions where Vitamin E can help manage and control skin inflammations.

Vitamin K

Commonly known as the blood vitamin.  It is the vitamin that helps support normal blood functions and is important for all dogs and their overall health.

All vitamins and nutrients are important for your dog’s overall health, as dogs age they may require additional vitamins in order to continue to live a healthy life.

When considering adding vitamin supplements to your dog’s diet, it is always recommended that you educate yourself on the dietary needs of your dog and speak with your veterinarian or holistic health care provider first to ensure the proper vitamin dosage.

vitamins for dogs

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