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November 15, 2015

Turkey Time and table scrapsTurkey Time and Table Scraps For Dogs

The passing of Halloween has always represented the beginning of the ‘holiday season’ for me. I really like this time of year. There are a lot more social gatherings and parties. I see more friends and family and spend time catching up with them. Like many, I also enjoy the holiday comfort foods.

This year, I am hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for some friends and family, and so I’ve been searching for some recipes on the web. I’ve been thinking that since my dogs will undoubtedly have some of our leftovers, is there anything in particular I should be aware of when feeding them Thanksgiving table scraps? Although I don’t make a habit out of feeding them these scraps, it is the holiday (special treat) and we are bound to have quite a bit of leftovers. That said, the amount I serve my dogs is very minimal. Remember, a sudden change in diet can really do a number on their stomachs.

So, I began researching some items you should not feed your dog. As I’ve discussed before, certain nuts, chocolate, onions, etc. can be very harmful if ingested by your dog. But today, I want to focus on Thanksgiving and discuss items and ingredients you might use in your Thanksgiving feast that could be potentially harmful to your dog.

Sage: This is a spice I have used to season both turkey and stuffing. I didn’t really know this spice could be harmful to pets. After a little research, I learned that feeding this spice in large quantities to your dog can potentially cause central nervous system depression and gastrointestinal upset.

Raisins: I’ve talked about how harmful grapes can be in past blogs, but don’t forget about their cousins! Raisins can cause kidney failure so think twice about serving any leftovers that may contain raisins such as stuffing, bread pudding etc.
Cake Batter: Just as bad for them as is it is for us. Raw eggs can cause salmonella in your pet as well.

Bread Dough: This one is a big no-no. Feeding raw dough to your dog can actually warm inside their sensitive bellies and cause discomfort. Furthermore, it could lead to swelling and blockage which could trigger bursting of the stomach or intestines. Yikes!

Turkey Bones: Bones dry out while cooking which can cause them to crack or splinter when chewed by your dog. Unfortunately, this can cause cuts in your dog’s intestine. Plus, bones particularly small ones can be a choking hazard. Best not to ‘give your dog a bone’.

Turkey Skin: The skin is too fatty for your dog to digest. High fat foods like this can trigger the pancreas to produce and release a large amount of enzymes and then malfunction. Pancreatitis can be life threatening. I am sure you will agree that this is not worth the risk!

Potatoes, pumpkin, skinless white meat turkey, yams, cranberries are all OK to give your pup….just remember, don’t over indulge! A small amount is a treat enough. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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