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April 07, 2016

Traveling with your dog

Traveling with your Dog

On the Road Again:

Spring and Summer bring travel plans for most families. Whether it is a quick weekend getaway to the beach or a cross-country trek over the long break, we look forward to packing our flip-flops, sunscreen, and swimsuits and hitting the road!

Sometimes we decide to send our furry friends on a mini-vacation to a comfortable, caring, happy boarding facility and sometimes they hop in the car with us. Depending on your travel plans, here are a few things to consider when it comes to your pups this season.

Plan ahead: Taking your pups with you can be rewarding and bonding for the entire family but it is just as important to remember their needs when packing and planning for your next adventure. Are they on a special diet or do they need certain medications? Did you remember to pack your doggie first aid kit? Are there any special treats, bedding, or toys they would enjoy? Packing a suitcase just for them can help you keep track. If they plan to spend lots of time out in the sun, load up on water or carry a little spritz bottle with you to cool them down and be sure to carry some extra towels!

Carsickness: Anxiety and tummy trouble affects many of us when we travel and the same goes for our canine companions. Some pups love a joy ride but others can become anxious or nauseous in the car. Be sure to talk to your Vet if you are going on a long drive and if they are new to road trips, try taking them on a few short drives before your big holiday and offer a treat or two as a reward at the end of the journey. Just like us, too much stimuli can cause dizziness and unease, so consider making a comfy spot in the backseat just for them to lounge without too many distractions. Many WiggleLess pet parents report their braces help reduce anxiety too!

Boarding with Ease:Sometimes it simply isn’t practical to take our dogs with us on vacation but peace of mind when it comes to leaving them behind is paramount. Make a list of important details and expectations you have and interview various boarding facilities to ensure the right fit for you and your loved ones. How often do they check on the pups and how often do they play? How frequently are the exercise and boarding areas cleaned? Are there web cams? When are feeding times? Are they monitored at night? Can they have their own toys and bedding?

These are just a few of the questions to ask when considering your options. Most pet parents are pretty particular when it comes to finding the right provider but make sure you look at the finer details and ask lots of questions up front. You can never be too cautious when it comes to making sure your babies are well cared for while you are away!

And remember: You should never smell doggie odors in a kennel and well-run facilities will encourage you to inspect the entire place up close and personal before handing your little ones over.

So have fun with your pups in tow this season or do your best to make sure they have a wonderful time without you!


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