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August 14, 2017

Traveling With Your Dog

Travelling With Your Dog

We all love our dogs and when we plan a vacation, it can be hard to leave our pets behind. We think of how much fun it would be to watch our dogs splash and play in the waves and chase seagulls at the beach, or run up craggy mountain slopes and slosh through rivers and streams. If you’re considering a getaway with Fido, read on for some tips for traveling with your dog.

Plan for Your Pets in Advance

No matter where you are going or how you plan on getting there, obviously you’re going to have to find a place to stay that is pet-friendly.

·      If you’re traveling in an RV/Camper Van, then check up on the pet and leash laws in the place you’ll be staying

·      If you’re flying make sure you are prepared with any documents that you need and any carriers for the flight

·      You’ll want to make sure your dog has something to do, just like you’d take crayons and coloring books for the kids, you’ll want to take along a chew toy or two for your furry friend

·      Find a dog park near your destination or at pit stops along the way

·      If your dog takes any medications or has any special needs you’ll want to take this into account when you pack.

Make Sure You’re Prepared Before You Leave

It’s a good idea to take a look at the local leash and vaccination laws of your travel destination and make sure your pet up to date. If your little furry guy has any health problems get him cleared by your vet to travel.


If you travel with your dog often, and you venture far from home, you really should look into getting him or her microchipped. It’s not that expensive and it can really help out if you get separated on your travels. At any rate, double-check that the tags on their collar are up to date. Consider an extra “travel” dog tag that mentions where you are from and where you’re going to will cell and hotel phone numbers.

Food and Water

I know when I pack I have a separate list for each member of the family. Pets are members, so they get a section too. You’ll want to pack the brand of food that they eat, and at least twice as much as you think you’ll need, you never know what’s going to happen on the road.

Get Them settled in Too

No matter how you travel, when you get to where you’re going you have to shake off the journey, change into some new clothes, put some things away, and grab a bite to eat. Your pup is no different, they need to stretch their legs, sniff around and grab a snack too.

Traveling With Your Dog

Waking up in the camper!

Traveling With Your Dog

We love our walks when we camp!

Scope out a nice place for you to walk your dog around. Plan for at least 30 minutes to an hour let her explore the new area. You know she will be very curious about all of the new sounds and smells. Your dog probably doesn’t understand the concept of “vacation,” she may think this is your new forever home, so letting her sniff around and mark her “territory” is going to put her tail at ease.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Trapped in the Room All Day

If you plan on making your dog stay in the hotel room by himself for any length of time, make sure you spend at least one full day in and about the room with him before running off to an adventure park with the kids. It’s not fair to bring your pup on vacation and then set him up in the hotel room alone for hours on end. This can be mentally stressful, not to mention he might decide to tear up the furniture while you’re gone.

Traveling Pets

The AVMA reports that 36.5 percent of households own dogs, and according to a study done by AAA and Kurgo more than 56% of pet owners say that they travel with their dog in their car at least once a month.

Numerous studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that pets improve the emotional health of their owners, and I think any dog owner would agree: our dogs are as much a part of our family as our children and spouses. Boarding and pet-sitters are expensive options and we don’t want to worry about them while we’re gone. Most of all we just want to have our pets there so we can seem them enjoying themselves and have their company while we are on vacation.

No matter where you’re going or how you plan to get there, take your pet into consideration when you go. It doesn’t take much to keep a dog happy, that’s why we love them with all of our hearts! So what do you guys think? Have you ever traveled with your pet? What is your pet’s favorite toy to bring on a trip? What is one “must-have” that you always bring with you?

Traveling with dogsBio:Sarah is the Editor of Crazy Pet Guy. Growing up in a household with three dogs, two cats, and two parakeets, she learned to love and understand animals. Helping others with their animals by sharing her knowledge is something close to her heart, and she can’t think of a better life than having a pet by your side.


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