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April 02, 2019

Dog Friendly Homes


5 Tips To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

Getting a new pet is a great adventure for your family! The routines and habits you establish early on will make puppy training easy and fun for everyone. The best thing to do is to take a few extra steps early on to establish boundaries, and make your home the perfect place for your new furry addition! Follow these tips and make the place perfect for everyone!

  1. Create A Dog-Friendly Space

If you’re crate training, remember to never use the crate as punishment. Instead, make it cozy by adding a favorite sweater, so the pup can get used to your scent. If the dog is small enough, consider putting the food dish and a toy in there as well. That makes it the perfect place for a dog to rest, or get some time alone when the new home gets a little stressful! If you have the extra space investing in a dog room is the perfect way to welcome your new pet! Putting the dog’s food, bed and toys in one room means cutting down on allergens and cleanup throughout the house, and gives Fido a chance to relax in his own space.

  1. Set Boundaries Early And Often

Training will go a lot smoother if you’ve already done the work to set boundaries beforehand. Setting up baby gates, and creating no-dog zones throughout the house can help keep out dander and hair, and also protects your furniture and belongings from those awkward teething periods and the stress of an out-of-control wagging tail. Close doors, set up gates, and make sure you place any valuables out of reach!

      3. Clean up!

    The sooner you get the dog in a routine, the better, and that routine should include grooming as much as possible! Wash in water at least once a week, and daily brushing can cut down on dander and hair, and also fleas. Regular grooming gets the dog used to both water, and you! It’ll keep the smell of dog from permeating your home.Also think about investing in an air purifier for pets, the smell of dog doesn’t have to run through your home.

    1. But Use Safe Cleaners

    Keeping your home clean is as important as keeping your dog clean. Especially during those awkward puppy training months, you’re going to want to regularly spot-check the house. You may consider getting rid of carpets and you’ll have to wash rugs, furniture, and pet beds often. Make sure not to use bleach when cleaning the floors.Use green safe cleaners like vinegar and lemon-based cleansers. Don’t forget to spot-check walls and corners, and scrub regularly.

    1. Cover Your Garbage

    Dogs have a tendency to get into trouble! No matter how we love them, they are curious, mischievous, and sometimes, just hungry. Not everything that smells like food is safe. Make sure to cover any garbage you keep in the kitchen or bedrooms, so dogs can’t get at it. Cover the bags of dog food if they are large, or keep them in secured cupboards if they are small. This will stop the dog swallowing something that isn’t food by mistake, and leave him free to explore his new home in safety.

    A new dog is a commitment for any family. But it’s also a lot of fun. With a few preparation steps, you and the dog will adjust smoothly into your new life and routine. That makes training, bonding, and even the fun times a lot easier to handle! Follow these steps to create a cozy environment your dog will feel right at home in, andmake the first steps training your new dog easier on yourself and your family, too!

    Author Bio: Jenny Mills is the marketing manager for Best Air Purifier Guides. Her passion is to help educate people on how to live healthier lives by cleaning the air inside their homes. Outside of work, she enjoys yoga, her pets, traveling and reading short fiction.