October 02, 2017

Tips for Flying Safely with Your Dog

Tips For Flying Safely With Your Dog

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For dog lovers, when having a puppy or an adult one, they consider this pet a family member and want to bring him/her along to everywhere. However, going with your dog through a long distance is quite a complicated matter if you travel by plane.

Many airlines agree to transport animals, but others do not. It is not the only thing you have to find out if you want to take your dog on the plane with you. However, it’s not hard to get your dog flying with you. Let’s think about 10 things I am going to tell you.


10 tips for flying safely with your dog

1.     Choose the right airline

First of all, you need to know if the airline you plan to buy the ticket from will receive animal transfers or not. The best way is to contact the firm directly for accurate information. Just access to their website and find a way to communicate directly.

There is also another way to transport your pet by plane: Use the airline’s cargo transport service. They will carry your dog as a living animal cargo. However, the charge for this service is usually quite expensive.

2.     Predict the cost of the trip

Taking your pet with you can make up a significant part of the cost of your trip. Compare the cost of flights and choose the most reasonable one also essential. Remember that there may be additional charges that you don’t know

3.    Prepare a cage for your dog

Flying safely with your dog
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Make sure the size of the pet cage is the most suitable for your dog. Plastic one should be safe and easy to carry. Let’s put the dog inside with a sleeping mattress and some toys such as bone-shaped toys, a stuffed animal that is familiar to him/her. These will help your dog calm down on the long flight.

4. Get your dog used to the movement and crowd

If this is the first time your pet has gone on a plane, it will be very scary to him/her. So, let them get acquainted with high speed, bumpy and crowded places by taking him/her to public transports such as bus, subways many times before flying.

If he/she is so shy to be in a new place, let him/her get used to it step by step. Don’t worry and time will change the attitude of him/her.

 5. Take your dog to see a veterinarian

tips for flying with your dog
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The dog has to be healthy for a safe flight. You should take your dog to the vet for a thorough examination of his/her health and dietary advice and treatment for any unwelcome problems may happen on the flight.

Remember to take the first aid supplement, the copies of his/her vaccination certificate or health certificate, animal quarantine certificate upon arrival at the airport. These are necessary for the administrative procedures.

6.  Learn how to take care of your dog before flying

In addition to ensuring adequate health and eating, here are 5 things you should do before getting him/her on the plane:

  • Do not let him/her drink inject sedatives and sleeping pose before boarding to avoid causing a heart attack or affect their respiration.
  • Keep normal activities for him/her.
  • Before flying 4-5 hours, do not feed him/her because it makes him/her more susceptible to shock and nausea.
  • Train him/her to eat and sleep in a plastic cage to avoid the feeling of being locked up.
  • Prepare necessary supplies, water, and food for your dog.

7. Use a name tag for your dog

To minimize the possibility of lost (in the station, waiting room, airport) put the name tag on his/her neck before putting him/her in the cage. This will be helpful for you if the staff or flight attendants inform your pet went astray.

You should also put a name tag and your information on the cage such as your phone number in case it’s lost.

8. Let your dog exercise a lot before the flight

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You want to give your pet more sleep on the fly without having to use sleeping pills or tranquilizers? There’s a pretty useful way for this: before boarding your dog, make him/her do a lot of exercises. 1-2 days before the flight, let your dog play ball, run or frequently walk so that the next day they will feel tired and sleep well through the flight.

9. Keep your dog’s hair clean

Cleaning the dog is a daily necessity especially before he/she gets on the plane with.This helps avoid troubles for everyone (if he/she is in the same cabin with you). Moreover, your dog will feel more comfortable, and he/she will keep silent during the flight.

Because your dog will stay on the plane for a particular time, it will be awkward if the dog smells or smears and there’s no airline company which accepts to receive unclean animals on the plane.

10. Be ready for any situation

Anything can happen: the dog gets sick, the flight is delayed, the landing is unexpected, or the cage is lost. The first thing you should know is that your mission is to be calm and steady and then find a solution. For example, if you have to transit, know if, on the next flight, you can take your pet away or not as soon as possible.


Today, with many modern means of transport, you are not only able to travel far away but also take your pet with you. Just prepare things carefully for your beloved dog to enjoy exciting trips or take your dog with you to your new home.

I hope my tips will be useful for you. Thank you for reading the whole post and wish you always have fun with your dog!

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