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The Guide to Natural Pain Relief through CBD for Dogs

While dog owners may be familiar with CBD as an analgesic and inflammation fighter, making it a great alternative to heavy medications that do more than just rid your body of pain, most owners have probably never thought twice about giving CBD to their dogs. But just like with humans, CBD supplements for dogs can be far better than that typical pain medication for dogs because it won't make them drowsy, upset their stomach or anything else other than helping to mitigate their pain.

That's great when you're thinking about how to help a dog in pain. After all, pain relief CBD for dogs is significantly better than pretty much anything else out there when it comes to those nagging side effects, and even the CBD itself sets in lightly and fades away just as inconspicuously. So, if you're wondering what you can give your dog for pain relief, CBD could be the answer. It's also a natural pain relief remedy for dogs, and that beats all those heavy medications and drugs that often exacerbate other issues.

How Does CBD Work?

Just like in humans, CBD provides pain relief for dogs by activating the endocannabinoid system, which is a group of receptors that work with the active ingredients in the cannabis plant, such as CBD, THC and others. These receptors are known as CB1 and CB2 receptors, and without getting too far into the science, they're conveniently located throughout the body and brain, providing numerous access points for the beneficial effects of CBD.

CBD can interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors, providing relief from pain and a reduction in inflammation that may be driving pain and other ailments. In this sense, CBD can be thought of as a support system, providing relief where needed and also encouraging calm and a reduction in stress. That's because CBD affects both the body and mind, restoring balance and providing relief where needed.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Generally, CBD is very safe for dogs (and humans). In countless studies, there have been no ill side effects from the consumption of CBD in both humans and animals, and that means CBD is much better than other drugs that come with a whole host of negative side effects. In one study, healthy dogs were given CBD and no negative side effects were witnessed. In other, almost nine out of 10 dogs that suffered from seizures had a reduction in the severity and duration of their seizures.

As for pain relief, CBD for dogs has been the subject of various studies, including a Cornell University study in 2018 that showed CBD can increase activity in dogs with arthritis, as well as reducing pain and increasing comfort. 

Providing Pain Relief With CBD for Dogs

If you're looking to give your dog CBD to help manage their pain, the type of pain they have may help inform you as to the appropriate CBD product for your dog. 

If your dog has arthritis pain, CBD oil can be an ideal form of pain relief since it helps fight inflammation and reduce pain. However, it can be difficult to administer, and you may want to look for a CBD edible that simply has CBD oils contained within. It should have the same fighting power as CBD oil, except that it's in a more manageable formulation. 

For dogs with intermittent pain or pain that's associated with a certain injury, a CBD topical may be your best bet. As a topical, the CBD will be able to specifically target the pain area, providing more relief than what may be possible with CBD that's taken orally. 

For surgical or inner organ pain, you'll want to revert back to a CBD edible or oil. Taken orally, CBD can help provide pain relief for your dog without needing to revert to topical solutions, and it may even allow you to reduce the usage of other painkillers, helping to provide more relief for your pup.

CBD Dosing for Dogs

While CBD has been proven to provide pain relief for dogs in many situations, it's true that getting dosing right can be tricky. More severe pain may need more CBD while less severe pain may be better with a topical than something ingested. For the most part, it's the responsibility of the packaging of the CBD products you buy to indicate what a typical dose is, as well as what to do if the dosing is too much -- or not enough.

That can make it easier to dose CBD for your dog, or to double up if relief isn't quite where you'd like it. It's also why edibles may be better than CBD oil tinctures that are more confusing to dose and use than chewables and other, more convenient CBD products. However, if it's your pet's first time using CBD, it can be best to go with a smaller dose than normal to ensure that there's no sort of adverse affect. Splitting up a dosage in half and following up with the rest in a couple hours can help prevent any issues.

If you're ready to help provide pain relief with CBD for your dog, check out the CBD products available from Wiggleless. We make CBD products that target back, hip and joint pain, as well as to help fight anxiety and stress and promote calmness.

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