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November 19, 2017


Thanksgiving Safety For Your Pets

Make Thanksgiving A Joy: Follow These 6 Safety Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe

Thanksgiving is invariably the granddaddy of all feasts and you cannot deny the fact that you do tend to go overboard with the preparations every year. However, do you realize that your furry friend could be petrified of your over-the-top celebrations? As we give in to our temptations of snacking, tasting and sampling irresistible platters on display, our pets could very well be at the receiving end of our spoils.

Overeating could cause indigestion for a day or two in humans but it could certainly cause a good deal of trouble for dogs. If you do not want to spend a feasting holiday at the vet or at the hospital worrying sick over your pet because you kept feeding him unhealthy morsel through the day, you should be wary of what you feed your dog during the festivities.

If you are wondering if this might even be a cause for concern, consider innumerable incidents of dogs and other pets landing up in Animal Emergency Rooms every year on and around Thanksgiving because they were fed bits of rich and fatty food through the day and they ended up with gastrointestinal problems. Not to mention, they could become overweight too (

Listed below are 6 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for the pet parent who wishes to more careful from this year onwards.

1.    Say ‘No’ to table scraps

Gone are those days when people would feed strays with bits and pieces of leftovers from their plate. Most of the food cooked on Thanksgiving is rich and fatty and you should steer clear of handing over morsels to your dog. If you have guests coming over, the ground rules should be set gently before everyone sits down for dinner. There should be no slipping of unhealthy snacks to your dog at the table.

2.    Keep your garbage secured

A celebration means lots of garbage and that could include anything from foil to plastic wraps and from bones to other dangerous things in your bin. It is extremely important to keep your garbage secured and away from the reach of your pet so that it does not accidentally ingest any of it.

3.    Know the ‘bad foods’

To ensure that your pet dog is only fed healthy food even while you might be gorging on rich and greasy dishes, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the kinds of food that you should never offer. The commonest mistake that most pet parents make is to offer a cube or two of chocolates to their dog. What might seem harmless when offered in smaller quantities could actually be very harmful to your pet. It is even more dangerous to offer dark chocolate to your dog. Chocolate could not only affect the nervous system but also impact heart health. A number of dogs have been reported to suffer seizures that resulted in coma and death eventually because their owners did not know better.

Bones are the second commonest things offered at dinner tables and it is often assumed that a dog is capable of handling them. However, it could be quite dangerous to offer bones to your dog as they may be splinter and either choke your dog or get lodged in their intestinal tract. Both of these are very scary situations.

Other popular festival foods like raisins, garlic, nuts and onions should also be avoided as far as possible.

4.    Keep a tab on him/her

With so many people coming in and going out of the house, there is a high probability of your pet dog trying to make an escape to the garden or out onto the streets. Always keep a tab on his/her whereabouts even if you are in the midst of a Turkey roast. It is even better if you can employ a reliable person to take care of your pet for as long as you are busy in the kitchen or attending guests.

Yet another wise thing to do would be to ensure that your pets are wearing their GPS trackers so that they can be traced if need be.

5.    Keep your pet out of the kitchen

The majority of accidents happen when your pet enters the kitchen and either trip on something or ingests something toxic etc. There could also be a lot of other accidents that you might never have thought of. The best idea is to keep your pet occupied with a chew toy or other things that he likes to play with till you are less busy to look after him.

6.    Keep A List of Emergencies Contacts

Keep all the sweets off the coffee table because when you are not looking, your pet is likely to go straight for them and end up with an upset stomach because he would not know when to stop! Have a list of important ER numbers, vet contact details and phone number of Poison Control handy so that you can get in touch with people and places right away if need be.

You and your pet dog can have a very safe Thanksgiving if you can follow these 6 basic safety tips effectively.

Author Bio

Thanksgiving Safety For Your PetsThis post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. You can find more of Pete at his website, Twitter or Facebook.




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