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Why Do Dogs Chew?

Why Do Dogs Chew? Canine’s are known to chewing, it’s part of their nature.  They have a mouthful of teeth and find pleasure in chewing, a fun pastime while exercising their mandibular muscles.  It’s not always about the taste of the item they are knowing on, it’s more about the movement of their jaw, the strengthening of their jaw muscles. In comparison it is the same as when we go


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How Much Sleep Should My Dog Have

How Much Sleep Should My Dog Have As humans, it is common knowledge that we need about 8 hours of sleep per night, give or take an hour or so, to remain healthy, wealthy and wise. And as humans who are also dog owners, we probably don’t give much notice to how long or how often our four-legged friend sleeps. After all, they pretty much sleep when they want to,


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