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July 06, 2015

Summer Fun With Your Dog

Summer Fun With Your Dog

Surf’s Up-Dog

Living in Southern California has many advantages, one of which is living near the crashing waves year-round! Although it is fairly moderate in our area, we can’t escape the blistering heat waves that come crashing along as well however.

During the summer months, keeping your pooch cool is a must – with or without his shades! Here are some fun-in-the-sun events to take your little ones to and some tips on keeping their feet wet.

WATER, WATER everywhere:Most pet parents keep a water bowl at nose-length in Fido’s go to eating area but when the heat is on, placing bowls in various places throughout the home and backyard makes it easier for your pups to lap it up when needed. Just like kids, sometimes they get so excited playing that they forget to drink their fluids!

DOGGIE PADDLE:Hydro-therapy is a fabulous way to rehabilitate after your dog has had major orthopedic surgery; however, it can also alleviate conditions such as arthritis, pain, decreased mobility and even some neurological conditions, such as IVDD. You can set one up one easily in the backyard or some day cares (and even a few public pools) allow doggie swim times. So get those paws in the pool!

SHADY PLACES:Make your backyard a fun hangout for your furry friends. Pop up umbrellas and tents, turn on some fun kiddie sprinklers and toys and make it a hangout fit for your prince or princess pooch. Make sure they have plenty of shady areas to rest in and watch those sloppy smiles.

PLAN AN ESCAPE:Even if you live alone, make a day of it… pile your furry kid(s) in the car and go on an adventure. Let your baby run in the sand and dive in the ocean or take a trek to the mountains and walk along the riverbanks. Enjoy some exercise and get wet with your little guy, he will love you for it!

KEEP IT SHORT:Although a dog’s coat is there to protect him or her in the cold as well as the heat, it is best to keep your baby well-groomed. There is no set rule for keeping your dog’s coat long or short in any season but allowing their skin to breathe without cutting too short can be a welcome relief and makes it much easier to locate any pesky critters you pick up on your treks.

EYE ON THE SUN:Some vets recommend slathering a little sunscreen on your pooch if you are concerned about too much sun or I have even seen people putting them in a wet t-shirt! Either way, the main thing to remember is to limit exposure during peak UV radiation hours and keep an eye out for any itching or hot spots.

COOL AS A CUCUMBER:And while we enjoy our summer treats, so can they! – try adding a few blueberries, a chunk of watermelon, or some sweet strawberries to those bowls and boost their immune systems with some homemade or store bought frozen treats.

Check out my Facebook page for a great recipe for a post-walk smoothie ‘Rocky Road Frosty Bites’!


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