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March 07, 2016

Spring time fun with Fido

Springtime Fun With Your Dog

Well, we made it through the freezing temperatures, the Christmas mayhem, and the New Year’s celebrations. Our pups have been very patient and waiting to pounce.

Tongues are wagging and begging for fresh air and the space to run free! No more cabin fever.

So, let’s do it! Get outdoors and enjoy the scents of SPRINGTIME! Plan some fun activities and push yourself to think like a dog. Is it time for a change? No more predictable strolls down the same street or circle around the same old block?…

What about creating a new map with your furry friend in mind?

As most pet parents can probably attest to, we seem to fall into our normal routines when it comes to play and potty times but that gets boring, even for us! Now that vibrant colors are in bloom and the sun is fully shining, we need to re-think how we approach our daily activities when it comes to our pups.

When did you last research your surroundings? Visit a new park? A new doggie day-camp? Meet a friend in a new part of town? Find a new hot spot for treats?

Most cities and even small towns are extremely in-tune with what makes our pooches tick. So spend some time googling dog-friendly places to go. Does your city have a ‘Dog Bar’? I hear they do in Charlotte, NC. Does your town offer free swims for your pups at the local pool? A little doggie told me in Broomfield, CO they offer year round swimming!

You would be surprised at how many local shops and restaurants cater to our four-legged friends; little cups of ice cream at the parlor and even treats being handed out at local drive-thrus!

Incentives to bring your pups along are at your fingertips these days, so look around you and just ask. Most likely there is a place you have yet to discover in your own backyard that will appeal to you and your best friend.

Don’t forget DOGS love an adventure—just like YOU!


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