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December 16, 2011

If you are away from your beloved pets during the day (hopefully not for too long) offer your pets soft music to relax by. They feel more peaceful and calm with gentle music. Your pets deserve the very best!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every animal shelter would play soothing, tranquil music in the kennels for all the anxious, scared, lonely dogs who wait patiently, insufferably, mournfully for their fate– “Will I find a wonderful new home with a LOVING, KIND family ….or something else?”

Dogs in shelters are scared, lonely, stressed, anxious and depressed.  Wouldn’t soothing, soft, music offer even a little bit of comfort?

Pandora has soft, gentle stations- meditation, flute, calming, angel music, piano. Never play anything harsh or too loud.

Watch the video and listen to a clip “Midsummer Evening,” “Countryside Walk,” “Drifting away” from the the following site:

Soothing music designed for dogs a relaxing way to relief stress, anxiety and loneliness.

Our music is for your dog. Our music has been designed for all dogs of different shapes and sizes to take them on a relaxing and peaceful journey whilst you watch in awe.We’ve composed music to turn your stressed and anxious dog into one of our relaxed dogs. Played at night whilst you sleep, during the day whilst you’re at work or in the background whilst you relax at home, our music works for YOU and your dog.



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